The Sports Philanthropy Academy is designed to educate, train and support the work of the sports philanthropy sector. The programs are target to these following types of organizations:


Many athletes would like to utilize their platform to make an impact on the communities and/or causes that they care about. Most focus their efforts on one of four places:

  1. Hometown
  2. College
  3. Professional Cities
  4. Current Residence
Training athletes at early stages of their careers can provide enormous returns to the colleges/universities, pro teams and communities that they represent.

Sports Nonprofits

Notorioiusly underfunded, community sports nonprofits need additional training and professional development. We work with professional sports teams, sponsors, foundations and other funders to provide this type of training and education. We believe in the importance of “teaching the skills to fish” so that these organizations can control their own destiny.

The passion exhibited by these organizations and their leadership and staff can take organizations to new heights. Providing this ongoing training and supportive community can amplify their impact.


Working with athletes at the early stages of their careers can provide outsized returns. 

Our experience tells us that athletes have a strong desire to provide positive impact and would welcome the opportunity to leverage the expertise and experience of leaders in the sports philanthropy world.

By establishing a strong framework within their institution, colleges and universities can capitalize not only on the athletes, but on their athletic department staff, fans, donors and sponsors.


Executive Directors

Development and Fundraising

Board of Directors Training



Branding and Marketing

Fundraising Tools