Football is now our national pastime and our objective is dedicated to creating more professional football opportunity, while engaging and serving in the community, and funding those same organizations and establish UNITY while inspiring competition state to state through our initiatives.    

There are over 16,000 players annually that are eligible for a professional opportunity, as well as thousands of coaches, officials, etc.  Learning from the failures of multiple leagues, players must also have a Degree and be willing to gain valuable experience in the off-season.  That experience will be provided by serving with our community partners, like our local police departments, city officials, sponsors, and programs that are making a difference, in their Degreed area of expertise.


Our theme is Play the Game, Live the Life!  That Life is about service and engagement in the community. Annual Bowl games do not give justice to the thousands of players that can still play on a high level, and they should be able to continue playing for another two or maybe three years in the Spring, making an income doing what they love. 


With some of my attached information, we hope you see and grab ahold of the vision for this opportunity, and support our initiatives for establishing the Spring Football League!!!  We want to also use this platform to connect all inner-city Police Departments across the Country to support our initiatives to improve their image. 


Unity starts with “U”!  If each one of us does our part to create opportunity for the next generation, resources generated from league play can truly fund inner-city programs and change the negative image into one that is positive because it not only creates opportunity, but addresses social issues. 


I have attached outlines of our plans, and we hope you can help with build our Community Competition Committees, from the States and Cities we are considering establishing Teams!!!


Personal resources have been used thus far, and we have an ultimate goal of $350,000 for our league office, however, immediate league funding is needed to create a robust website. I have attached a tentative timeline for our league.  The sooner our foundation the league is in place, the sooner we can give back the resources for the populations that are in great need, i.e.: homeless, orphans, juveniles, needy.