Sports Philanthropy Network 

is proud to partner with 

Resilient Strategy Group 

to offer an innovative 

Resilient Alliance program. 



Welcome to the Resilient Alliance which will lead participants through seven transformative sessions in their Cohort.

Our program enhances resilience by guiding participants through four key areas: Renewal, Belonging, Engagement, and Meaning. The goal is to help participants become more knowledgeable and skilled in resiliency, leading to increased confidence and well-being.

Let’s embark on this journey together and empower participants to develop a different mindset and better prepare themselves to face the challenges impeding their well-being and happiness.


The seven sessions of the Cohort Curriculum are designed to explore various aspects of resilience, personal growth, and well-being. Each session is carefully structured to maximize engagement, facilitate meaningful discussions, and empower participants with practical resilience skills.


  • Session 1: Baselining “Happy” in the Age of Internet/Social Media
  • Session 2: Being a Whole Person Means Having Negative Emotions Sometimes
  • Session 3: Distress Tolerance of Negative Emotions
  • Session 4: Mindset and Your Ability to Choose
  • Session 5: Positive Psychology Benefits
  • Session 6: Meaning and Mattering in Life
  • Session 7: Reflection and Declaration of a New Resilient You

Testimonials From Participants

“For someone in a leadership position where part of my role is to educate young people in athletics, both the opportunity to “let my hair down” and learn new resilience techniques was really beneficial. It would be great to repeat this experience annually!” —Hilary, Florida


“Thank you for this valuable training – it was time well spent!”


“I learned to walk through life a little differently with this training. It opens you up to new ways of making small changes in your day-to-day life that ultimately add to a big reward. I think that RSG has created a form of training that allows people from all different backgrounds to connect on making the world a better place.”


“The Resilient Strategy Group has been very beneficial, and I recommend it to anyone interested in self-improvement.”


We utilize individuals who are experienced in various aspects of law enforcement, sports, business, law, counseling and other related professions. Our goal is to provide our participants with the guidance that is needed to improve their lives.

If you would like to be considered for one of our facilitators positions, please email to Cory McGookin at



(Cohort 105)

Facilitated by Cory McGookin


(Cohort 106)

Facilitated by Roy Kessel


(Cohort 107)

Facilitated by Kayla Bradha


(Cohort 108)

Facilitated by Kayla Bradham




    Session 1: Baselining “Happy” in the Age of Internet/Social Media

Hypothesis: People often assume more time should be spent on positive emotions, and the lack of constant happiness indicates a problem.

Goal: Reset baseline expectations about happiness.

Inquiry: How happy are you compared to the average person?



Session 2: Being a Whole Person Means Having Negative Emotions Sometimes

Hypothesis: People often avoid negative emotions without understanding their necessity and usefulness.

Goal: Understand the usefulness of all emotions and promote wholeness.

Inquiry: Which parts of your emotional self do you dislike or wish to eliminate?


Session 3: Distress Tolerance of Negative Emotions

Hypothesis: Tolerating psychological discomfort makes individuals stronger, wiser, and happier.

Goal: Link positive outcomes of negative emotions in life.

Inquiry: How are your negative emotions linked to your happiness?


Session 4: Mindset and Your Ability to Choose

Hypothesis: Mindset determines happiness, stress tolerance, and outcomes.

Goal: Understand how resilience comes from reacting to adversity.

Inquiry: What is your attitude toward adversity, and how do you react to it?


Session 5: Positive Psychology Benefits

Hypothesis: Positive psychology can improve lives when coupled with self-understanding.

Goal: Introduce the PERMA model’s best practices for ultimate flourishing.

Inquiry: Reflect on things you are grateful for.


Session 6: Meaning and Mattering in Life

Hypothesis: Thriving requires finding meaning and understanding mattering and belonging.

Goal: Help participants discover their meaning.

Inquiry: Explore the concept of having a “why” for life.


Session 7: Reflection and Declaration of a New Resilient You

Hypothesis: Reflection leads to empowerment and goal achievement.

Goal: Reflect on progress, share takeaways, and declare a resilient future.

Inquiry: Where do I go from here, and what are my plans for the next 12 months? 

Ready to become a new and better version of yourself? 

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1. What is the Resilient Strategy Group (RSG)?

Resilient Strategy Group (RSG) is an organization dedicated to empowering individuals with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in life’s challenges. We offer a transformative Cohort Curriculum that guides participants through self-discovery and growth.

2. What is the core approach of RSG’s Cohort Curriculum?

Our Cohort Curriculum focuses on four key elements: Renewal, Belonging, Engagement, and Meaning. These elements are guided by experienced facilitators, emphasizing the practical application of resilience skills within a supportive
community of like-minded individuals.

3. How can RSG help me?

RSG can help you develop a resilient mindset, increase your confidence, and become better prepared to face the issues that may impede your well-being and happiness. Our program equips you with the tools to thrive in today’s challenging world.