TMWRK is an organization focused on Empowering Athletes Against Cancer through its mission: To improve lives affected by cancer by utilizing the power of exercise and sport TMWRK achieves its mission with the following core concepts:

  • Inspiration: unite the community of athletes with cancer to share personal stories, establish relationships and provide real-time support on a single platform
  • Information: provide resources and information reviewed by experts for athletes with cancer on topics such as nutrition, exercise and safety in a patient-friendly format
  • Innovation: facilitate cross-industry collaboration to develop safe and novel strategies to implement physical activity into the cancer experience TMWRK was started in February 2020, but not officially launched until June when it became a fiscally-sponsored charity of AKTIV Against Cancer.

TMWRK received a $15,000 contribution from a generous donor to help with initial start-up costs. Since that time, a Board of Directors, Innovation Team and redesigned website have helped accelerate the progress and impact of TMWRK.

TMWRK now has the infrastructure in place to support athletes from any sport, but is seeking an additional $14,240 to cover the remaining projected operating expenses, quality improvement efforts, and patient resources such as mentorship programs, educational sessions and inspirational events.

By empowering athletes, sharing their stories and using this platform to engage different industry leaders in the conversation about the benefits of physical activity throughout the cancer experience, TMWRK will make a meaningful impact by raising awareness about Exercise Oncology and making it an integral part of cancer treatment.