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We build STRONGERHEALTHIER and MORE INCLUSIVE communities through sports.

The Sports Philanthropy Network provides professional development programs and educational resources including the Sports Philanthropy Webinar series, the Sports Philanthropy Podcast, Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast, our Event Calendar, our blog resources and our annual Sports Philanthropy World Conference.

We also provide media coverage and spotlight the outstanding work of athletes, professional sports teams and leagues, sports foundations and other sports non-profits. Our goal is to elevate the profile of the sports philanthropy sector through our podcasts, extensive social media presence, research and the development of community resources.

We all know that sports have a special power to bring people together and we love sharing the exciting successes.  If you have information about upcoming events or other organizations which are doing great work, please let us know via email to us

We love helping organizations that are using sports for social change, equality, justice, education, opportunity and empowerment.

Event Experience

The Sports Philanthropy Network team has extensive event experience. 

We pride ourselves on our rich history of event management and promotion. Our team, bolstered by experienced leaders, has crafted, orchestrated, and championed various events, from elegant dinners and golf tournaments to bowling nights and festive parties.

Our experience includes work for: 

  • The Tournament of Roses
  • NFL Coaches Association
  • Oldsmobile Scramble
  • University of Wisconsin Alumni
  • Stardust Casino
  • The Support Group Celebrity Golf Outing
  • Jewish Sports Foundation
  • Darrell Pollack DP9 Foundation
  • Beth Judea Synagogue
  • Temple Chai


For every non-profit organization, fundraising is not just important; it’s essential. It fuels the heart and soul of their initiatives.

However, many organizations miss out by not adopting a systematic strategy, making their outcomes unpredictable and dependent on numerous variables.

You can significantly elevate your organization’s fundraising success by implementing a well-defined giving program and equipping your board with top-notch solicitation skills.

Discover groundbreaking programs tailored for your organization. Reach out to us at


Education and Programs

At the core of every non-profit lies its educational outreach and programs. We deeply admire organizations that shoulder this vital responsibility and contribute positively to their communities.

Our leadership and Board of Advisors bring extensive experience in devising educational events and programs across diverse sectors, including sports, leadership, social justice, education, law, media, business, and technology.

Discover how SPN can assist in crafting programs that enhance your organization’s capabilities and fortify its leadership, ensuring enduring success within your community.

Our Mission

Sports Philanthropy Network’s Mission is to build a Pipeline of Philanthropy through our Chapters, Task Forces and Sports Philanthropy Academy.  

We empower athletes/influencers, business executives, and nonprofit leaders to leverage the transformative power of sports for social impact. We support other nonprofits by providing education and professional development training to help them maximize their community impact. 

We draw from our rich experience and years of expertise to connect nonprofits with athletes who can amplify their outreach, impact, and fundraising campaigns dedicated to corporate social responsibility. 

Together, we foster social impact in chapters nationwide.

The Sports Philanthropy Network Team


The Sports Philanthropy Network works with many organizations.  If you would like to become a sponsor and have ongoing access to our growing portfolio, please contact our Sponsorship Team at to explore how we can help you accomplish your goals.

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