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to create social impact in our communities through sports.


We build STRONGER, HEALTHIER and MORE INCLUSIVE communities through sports.

The Sports Philanthropy Network builds stronger, healthier and more inclusive communities by collaborating with sports organizations, athletes and community sports nonprofits. We provide an array of education and professional development programs such as workshops, trainings, webinars, seminars and our annual Sports Philanthropy World Conference.
We provide media coverage to highlight the outstanding work of sports organizations (teams, leagues, governing bodies, associations), athletes and their foundations and community-based sports foundations and other sports non-profits. Through our organizational spotlights, the Sports Philanthropy Podcast and our research, we aim to elevate the profile of the sports philanthropy sector.

The Sports Philanthropy Network provides education and professional development programs including the Sports Philanthropy Webinar series, our Task Forces, Member-Only Message Boards, the Sports Philanthropy Podcast, our Event Calendar, our blog resources and our annual
Sports Philanthropy World Conference.

We love talking about the terrific work performed by so many organizations in the sports philanthropy world. Let us know about the work that you are doing and how we can help you accomplish your goals and support your community.



Every week on the Sports Philanthropy Podcast and Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast we highlight a different person or organization in sports philanthropy. Sports has so much power to do good in the world, and we believe those success stories deserve the spotlight. Listen in as we gain the insights of the leaders in the sports philanthropy world.


Event Calendar

Check out the upcoming events on our sports philanthropy calendar. New events are being submitted continually. If you would like to have your event listed, or if you know of other upcoming events, please make sure that you submit your event through this form.


Sports Philanthropy Blog

Our blog allows us to take a more in-depth look into the latest trends, ideas and success stories. Look for our unique perspective and analysis of how different organizations approach their philanthropic efforts. Our weekly newsstand keeps you updated on the latest news.

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Sports Philanthropy Network at Major Sporting Events

Sports Philanthropy Network is honored to be granted media credentials to cover the community and philanthropic events and activations around major events such as:

  • Super Bowl
  • NBA All-Star
  • College Football Playoff
  • NHL All-Star
  • Big Ten Championship Game
  • PGA Golf Events
  • Conference Media Days