Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Dana Herrera

Dana Herrera, CCO for Regenerative Medicine Institute

Dana Herrera is joining SPN to talk about the future of regenerative medicine! Dana is the CCO for Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI). RMI is leading the way in pioneering lifelong wellness. RMI adapts science-based medicine approaches to regenerative medicine outside the norm of traditional Western medicine. The treatments have little to no side effects, meaning they are perfect for high-level athletes. The zero-risk nature of RMI’s treatments is hard to find anywhere else. Dana got into the medical field early on, from going to work with her mom who was a physical therapist, and she became passionate about helping people treat the root cause of their problems, not just individual symptoms. She found out about regenerative medicine through the COVID pandemic, and this is her third year in the field.

Dana Herrera

Her career is a testament to my commitment to excellence, innovation, and relationship-building. A profound understanding of the healthcare industry is at the heart of her success. Herrera’s journey through various leadership roles has been fueled by a passion for making a tangible difference in people’s lives, whether by enhancing patient experiences or improving healthcare outcomes. As RMI’s Chief Commercial Officer, she is at the forefront of the longevity revolution, challenging aging as we know it.



Key Points:

  • 0:40 Dana talks about RMI and its initiatives
  • 2:05 Dana talks about her background and how she got into the medical field
  • 3:40 Dana about RMI obtaining licensure & its transparency
  • 5:04 Dana explains what stem cells are
  • 5:44 Dana talks about a study of viability of stem cells that RMI did
  • 7:28 Dana explains how RMI markets itself to the public
  • 8:50 Dana explains the processes of the body and how stem cells fall into her work
  • 12:14 Dana explains what treatments RMI offers
  • 14:19 Dana what is ahead in regenerative medicine
  • 16:03 Dana explains her passions for giving back
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Jasmine Jones

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