Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Dr. Jitali Bellanton & Darrell Booker

Dr. Jitali Bellanton
Darrell Booker

Dr. Jitali Bellanton & Darrell Booker join Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Kayla Bradham to talk about the correlation of mental and financial health as well as the importance of collaboration in our communities.

In this conversation, Dr. Jitali and Darrell discuss their backgrounds and how their philanthropic interests were sparked and share their personal experiences with mental and financial health and collaboration. They both discuss the work that they do individually and how they were able to collaborate with each other with a Disney show called Our America in the Black.

Dr. Jitali Bellanton

Dr. Jitali is a neuropsychologist with a focus on mental and financial health. She also is the CEO of Crypto Hedge Fund & Founder of Kids Who Bank.


Darrell Booker

Darrell Booker works with Microsoft Philanthropy, in which he supports nonprofits and foundations across the United States with a focus on mental health. 


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Key Points:

Key Points
1:24 Jitali and Darrell begin to explain their backgrounds and passions for philanthropy
4:25 Dr. Jitali talks about her experience with mental health
5:31 Darrell discussed his experience with depression and anxiety
7:13 Booker and Jitali explain the correlation between mental health and financial health
8:33 Jitali provides solutions to achieve positive mental health
13:33 Darrell goes into how we can start implementing financial literacy into our youth’s minds
15:40 Darrell and Jitali explain the importance of collaboration and their personal experiences with collaboration
16:57 Jitali provides more insight on talking to our youth about money and budgeting, including college athletes and NIL
21:38 Booker’s closing thoughts on how communities can get involved by volunteering
23:20 Jitali talks about the separatism problem in the United States

Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones

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