Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Heather Massey and Al Smith

Heather Massey, Vice President of Communications and Community Relations at BBB
Al Smith, Chairman of the Board of Chapter Presidents for the NFL Alumni Association and Former NFL All-Pro linebacker

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham sit down with Heather Massey of the Better Business Bureau and Al Smith of the NFL Alumni Association to discuss the new partnership between the organizations and their goals moving forward.

In this conversation, Heather Massey and Al Smith discuss the new partnership and the benefits of the companies working together. Massey then shares the strategic plan for the rollout and what the collaboration will look like, and Smith discusses the mission of the NFL Alumni Association and the new opportunities working with the Better Business Bureau. Both Massey and Smith share their excitement for the partnership and are looking forward to the impact they will make together.

Heather Massey

Heather Massey is a strategic communications leader with an M.A. in mass communication and over a decade of experience specializing in brand management, media engagement, and community outreach. She is an accomplished on-camera spokesperson and skilled event planner, certified in Content Marketing and Social Media. Massey has led growth-focused initiatives, supervised regional teams, and managed crisis communications. She has a proven track record of driving success through innovative strategies and effective program execution.



Al Smith

Al Smith Previously played 11 years in the NFL as an All-Pro linebacker and team captain and leader for the Houston Oilers, and served as director of player development and pro scouting for the Tennessee Titans from 1998-2007. Now he serves as one of the Chairman of the Board of Chapter Presidents for the NFL Alumni Association and Former NFL All-Pro linebacker with over 30 years of leadership experience, and author of “Think Like a Pro Act Like a Pro”. He has expertise on and off the field, including business management, financial services, business operations, sales, and marketing. Additional expertise includes new client acquisitions, strategy, personnel evaluations, sports analysis and commentary, player development, fundraising, and mentoring.



Key Points:

  • 1:14: Heather introduces the partnership between BBB and the NFL Alumni Association
  • 1:58: Heather shares a strategic plan and what the partnership will look like
  • 2:42: Al Smith introduces the NFL Alumni Association and the benefits of working with the BBB
  • 4:52: Heather shares how the partnership began
  • 9:00: Al explains the NFL Alumni Association’s mission and giving back
  • 10:49: Heather and Al share where to find more information about the partnership  

Taryn Robinson

Taryn Robinson

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