Players Coalition at Superbowl 56

Building Momentum with a New Model for Juvenile Justice

Players Coalition

  • Non-profit organization founded by former NFL players Aquan Boldin and Malcolm Jenkins.
  • dedicated to making an impact on social justice and racial inequality
  • Partnered up with Cafe Momentum and Stand Together Foundation to help feed the superbowl press at Radio Row
  • Players Coalition and justice involvd youth teamed up with. food truck to provide the meals
  • provided a delicious meal of chicken, biscuits, green beans, and iced tea sponsored by Cafe Momentum
  • food was served by justice-impacted youth and members of the Players Coalition.
  • Food truck pop-up concept was designed to change hearts and minds about the ability of at risk youth while  starting a much needed community conversation about juvenile justice across the United States

Cafe Momentum

  •  Award winning Dallas-based non-profit restaurant
  • Restraunt is staffed by youth leaving the juvenile system and who are often disregarded from society
  • offers a family atmosphere of acceptance and accountibility that enables young people to rise and meet expectations

Dhani Jones

A retired NFL player, current entrepreneur and Stand Together Ambassador.  He says, “I am proud to partner with Stand Together Foundation and the Players Coalition to bring Cafe Momentum’s innovative model back to the Super Bowl.  I am so inspired to witness how Cafe Momentum supports and empowers the youth in its program.  If you ask me, these amazing young people are the real MVP’s of Super Bowl Week.

Demario Davis- New Orleans Saints Linebacker

Founder of the Devoted Dreamers Foundation

The Sports Philanthropy team was blessed to eat their lunch at the same picnic table as All Pro Linebacker Demario Davis.  He is a Players Coalition Task Force Member and “Man of God.”  Demario Davis says, “Players Coalition is proud to partner with Cafe Momentum and other like-minded organizations to bring out the best in the youth exiting the juvenile system.  The future of these young men and women is important They deserve equal access to opportunities that help them reach their full potential.  By working together with the NFL, Cafe Momentum, and Stand Together, we all hope to engage a conversation around youth justice and the potential for programs like these to transform young lives.” 

Shaun Alexander-Former All-Pro NFL Running Back

  •  NFL Legend, Stand Together Ambassador, and a Players Coalition Member
  • Seattle Seahawks Running Back, holds multiple franchise records
  • Over 100 career Touchdowns 
  • Lead Seattle to first Super Bowl Appearance in 2006
  • Partners with many philanthropic organizations focused on themes of community, faith, leadership, and the power of teamwork
  • Serves as a board member of Prison Fellowship, an orgaization which spreads hope in correctional facilites to restore lives, communities, and families
  • “Cafe Momentum shows what is possible when you put the right system of support around young people who made mistakes early in life and believe in their potential.  The NFL family and Players Coalition have also embraced this transformational organization and we thank the stand together foundation for how they are helping Cafe Momentum expand their important work accross the country.”

Momentum Advisory Collective- Parent company of Cafe Momentum driving their expansion

With the support from the Stand Together Foundation, Momentum Advisory Collective is working hard to build community support to open a restraunt in Los Angeles by 2024

To empower every person, we must unite to shift paradigms. Breaking the biggest barriers and transforming communities require the movements of millions of people. Everyone has a gift—and with the right mindset and support, they can discover and apply those gifts to improve their lives and meaningfully contribute to the lives of others.