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NATS4GOOD is the main way that the Washington Nationals raise money up. They receive donations from fans and players.

With this, they have raised up to 8.6M since 2008. Only in 2019, the fans donated up to 6.7K dollars for NATS4GOOD.

The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy is the signature program of Nationals Philanthropies, the official charitable arm of the Washington Nationals. It is a partnership between the club, the district government and the MLB in the deal that made the Nationals move to Washington D.C. This academy works on academic enrichment, physical activity and health education. They use both baseball and softball to help developing a positive environment, spreading improved health to those underserved communities.  They can do this because of annual donations going up to 3M, from public funding. There were 20K meals provided at the Academy and its surroundings in 2020.

Goals of the team philanthropy:

  1. Foster a culture of philanthropy in DMV. Helping Washingtonians make a difference, for those who look to help others.
  2. Grow and leverage philanthropic resources. Invest in social service organizations through strategic partnerships
  3. Deliver and scale community-based programs. Neighborhood development and advance equity for surroundings residents.

Nationals Philanthropies is a new entity that replaces the previously titled Dream Foundation and aspires to make a bigger impact. The Principal owner of the club, Marla Lerner, said: “We carry the values of teamwork and perseverance off the field into our commitment to the community, harnessing the power of baseball to deliver monumental opportunities for citizens throughout the region.”

Some of the latest events include the following:

Mushball Classic: Invites organizations of all industries to form a team and compete in a softball tournament.

Home plate celebration:  It was celebrated outdoors because of the pandemic and it was a commemoration to the efforts given by the food access program

Nationals home run charity 5k is a charity race that everyone can sign up for.


Abby Bonebrake

Abby Bonebrake

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