Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Julie Souza

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham sit down Julie Souza, the head of sports and global professional services at AWS (Amazon Web Services) to discuss the increased use of data in health and safety in regards to sports. 

Julie Souza

Souza explains being a woman in sports isn’t being a sports buff all of the time, but thinking about the whole picture of the sports landscape and all of the branches of that. This is why Souza explains having these women and sports and finding engaging ways to teach any person including women interested in the whole versatile data space, it would make a difference.

While there are so many enjoyable moving parts in data analytics, Souza thinks player health and safety is one of her favorites along with looking for new ways to bring more people to being interested in the analytics of sports.

Souza is passionate about looking for new ways to make production more sustainable and realistic to the changing times.


Amazon Web Services


AWS can help improve health and safety in the NFL by analyzing player data, monitoring health in real-time, predicting injury risks, facilitating remote consultations, and analyzing game footage to identify potential injury factors.


Key Points:

1:36 What does the data collection process look like?

2:20 The data behind sports–Health and safety

3:59 Working as a woman in STEM and sports

7:04 Souza’s favorite aspects of data and analytics

7:47 The importance of data and how that drives audiences to sports

8:22 Cleaner production and the cloud

Bry Warner

Bry Warner

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