Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Andrew Sneyd

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham sit down Andrew Sneyd, EVP of marketing for sports betting app FanDuel to discuss FanDuel’s Super Bowl marketing and the lasting impact and connection it creates for its customers.

Andrew Sneyd

Sneyd elaborates on Fan Duel’s importance of connection with their customers. As this year during the Super Bowl, customers can bet for free via the FanDuel “Sportsbook” app if tight end, Rob Gronkowski will make the 25-yard field goal. 

Sneyd enlightens listeners on the importance of financial literacy while educating customers on what they’re betting on. The groups that give back include employees of FanDuel as FanDuel has a pillar to “do more”,  highlighting their ability to do what they can to support the community. 

Sneyd shares his personal favorite philanthropy event by FanDuelers– Cycle for Survival, supporting to find a cure to end cancer together.

Stan believes in helping his clients make timely decisions by monitoring global trends, being vigilant with respect to market catalysts, and keeping our eyes and ears on volatile market changes. His team works with clients who know they can rely on Stan who manages their wealth with market knowledge and insights gained from experience in all market environments.

FanDuel has a group that works on community activation and looks for places that need community in each state. FanDuel is a part of the Flutter Organization. 



About Cycle for Survival

Cycle for Survival is the official rare cancer fundraising program of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Since 2007, our community has raised more than $377M for rare cancer research at MSK, fueling countless lifesaving advances benefiting people around the world. Equinox is the founding partner of Cycle for Survival.

100% of every dollar supports pioneering rare cancer research and lifesaving clinical trials at MSK, a world-leading center for cancer research, care, and education. Within six months after the close of fundraising each year, the money raised by Cycle for Survival riders and donors goes directly to MSK doctors and scientists, fueling bold ideas that could lead to the next big breakthrough in rare cancer treatment.


Key Points:

2:06 Importance of knowledge in betting and customer engagement

2:55 FanDuel’s 25-yard field goal impact

3:27 Financial literacy

3:48 Giving back: “Cycle of survival” to find a cure

4:40  Community activation by state

4:51 Flutter Organization 

6:20 HBCU and the importance of diversity in the workplace 

6:36 Providing opportunities

7:23 Highlights of FanDuel for the rest of 2024 

9:19 Rob’s big kick

Bry Warner

Bry Warner

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