Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Alison Reese

“Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham sit down Alison Reese, Executive Director of Tackle Hunger to discuss nutrition and what Tackle Hunger–Souper Bowl of Caring does across the nation, ensuring all communities have equal access to healthy foods.

Reese shares the history is Souper Bowl of Caring beginning in 1990, started by one prayer at a church, which began this now monumental movement, thinking of those who do not have a bowl of soup to eat. Reese expresses the importance of food pantries growing across America.

Tackle Hunger feels the support of their partners including NFL alumni, the Sports Philanthropy Network, as well as the Artificial Intelligence Center and the Department of Defense.

Alison Reese

Working firsthand as an educator in the schooling system across all ages, Reese has seen with her own eyes what children need. Reese emphasizes the direct correlation between child hunger and performance in school.

What Reese highlights about Tackle Hunger is the program is designed to engage from community to community in supporting their local food charity.


Souper Bowl of Caring

About Souper Bowl of Caring

Souper Bowl of Caring makes it as simple and as captivating as possible, letting donors complete a football-themed step-by-step process (via their website) when they donate.

First Down- Select your food charity

Feel free to choose whatever charity in your community you wish to support.

If you aren’t sure what charity to support, go to the Tackle Hunger Map and pick a local food charity to champion. You can see each charity’s needs based on the color of their pin.

Second Down- Choose Your Path

How do you want to run your campaign? Will you run an in-person food drive? Collect cash donations in soup pots? Both? It really doesn’t matter to us! We also make it easy to run a virtual campaign for both food and cash donations.

Third Down- Register Your Fundraiser Campaign

Fourth Down- Utilize Our Resources

We’ve done this part for you! There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Need posters? We’ve made them. Social media templates? We have those, too. You want coloring pages? Yup, we even have those.


After you finish your campaign, feel free to donate your collection directly to the charity of you choice. Then, we want to celebrate with you! No number is too small or too big!


Key Points:

0:44 Working towards a solution

2:03 Community by community basis to find their solutions

3:20 The beginning of Souper Bowl of Caring

4:17 Making a difference from your own home

5:53 Opportunities to “do more” and make moves toward declining food waste 

8:40 Partners of Tackle Hunger to support 

11:27 Hunger in schooling and food pantries

12:34 Tackle Hunger map to find local food charities

13:04 The Super Pantry Program–Houston, TX

Bry Warner

Bry Warner

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