SUPER BOWL 56 RADIO ROW: Michael Montgomery, NFL Alumni.

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network’s Roy Kessel and Kayla Bradham sit down with Michael Montgomery, a former Green Bay Packer to discuss his source of inspiration, his transition from college to life in the NFL, and the importance of women’s sports and providing young kids a secure platform for mental health.

Michael talks about his mother Rosie Walker, a Hall of Fame basketball player and USA Olympian as his main source of inspiration. Through her, while inspired by her athletic achievements, he looked up to her character, personality, and respect for all, reminding Michael to keep God first, treat people how he wanted to be treated, and “work his tail off” to reach his goals. Michael’s mother was an anomaly for her time, however, he believes that women’s sports are going in a great direction, driven by the fans, aided by social media and the togetherness of all towards women’s sports.

Michael talks about his desire to start a foundation that benefits and empowers mental health for today’s younger generation. He explains that we often don’t know what kids are going through, so providing a station where kids can talk freely, or providing them a playbook to get them on the right track – including finances, emotional help, and goal setting is important. He feels strongly that the sooner we acclimate kids to their goals, the more likely they are in achieving them, and introducing them to positive reinforcements along the way is critical.

Michael hosts a podcast: ‘Undefeated Podcast with Michael Montgomery’ and uses his platform to champion overcoming adversity. Throughout his life, he has met many amazing people and feels a strong desire to showcase them and their stories to inspire his listeners. Michael strongly feels that “sport teaches you how to get along with people, regardless of what you believe in” and his podcast inspires listeners to take on any challenge, regardless of the adversity that presents itself along the way.

Michael Montgomery joins our hosts Roy Kessel & Kayla Bradham on Radio Row at Super Bowl 56.


  • Podcast: Undefeated Podcast with Michael Montgomery, available on all major podcast streaming platforms.
  • Instagram: @iam96gb
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