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Being a positive agent of change in the community is at the core of the Sacramento Kings Foundation’s efforts to do good, impact and the world and make Sacramento Proud. With an emphasis on youth, the Kings Foundation invests time, resources, talent and passion to give our region the support it needs to succeed economically and emotionally.


Community Courts – With the help of Kaiser Permanente, the Kings Foundation has provided new equipment and built or refurbished over ten basketball courts in the Sacramento area to date. The aim of the project is to create more access to the game of basketball across the Sacramento community.


ROOT Gardens – Founded in 2017, ROOT Gardens helps connect families, children, elderly, and non-profits with nutritious and healthy food. There are currently six gardens across the Sacramento area which uses locally sourced produce and seeks to create a healthier generation.

Build Black Coalition Partnership – A partnership in its third year with the aim to transform and uplift the black communities of Sacramento. The project was formed after the death of Stephon Clark, who was unarmed when he was shot by police in 2018. Over 200 youth in the Sacramento area currently partake in the partnership, whose opportunities include: community building activities, education on social justice and equity, and connections to the black community in Sacramento.

Initiatives and Programs:


Pledge to Our Black Community – In wake of the George Floyd’s death, the Kings released the following ten internal and external initiatives to influence change on the systemic racism in the U.S.:


1.     Activate Team Up for Change

2.     Ongoing Funding for Kings & Queens Rise Youth

3.     Empower Currently & Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

4.     Increase Support for the Local Black Community

5.     Invest in Black-Owned Businesses

6.     Amplify Black Voices

7.     Ongoing Education

8.     Engage in Uncomfortable Conversations

9.     Further Accountable Hiring Practices

10.  Rally the Vote to Make Our Voices Heard

Rally the Vote – Led by the Kings’s partnership with Rise and When We All Vote, Rally the Vote is a politically unaffiliated partnership with over 50 sports franchises across the NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLS, NFL, NWSL, and MLB. The goal of the initiative is to encourage each franchises fan to vote at the federal, state, and local levels to make sure everyone does their part in the democratic process.

Team Up for Change – This nine-team NBA and WNBA coalition united in September of 2020 with a call for racial equity and social justice. The teams united to discuss and activate diversity and inclusion, civic engagement, criminal reform, social justice, and police brutality. Overall, the goal of Team Up for Change is to the goal of Team Up for Change is to shine a spotlight on local and national movement builders, faith-based leaders, highlight fresh perspectives from young innovators and trusted experts, lift up voices for future engagement, and hear from team leadership on franchise commitments, all with a focus on the intersection between sports, race and the pursuit of more equitable communities.

Mentorship – This is a year-round program that has Kings players regularly engaging and sharing their experiences with the youth community in Sacramento. It is also a chance for youth to ask questions and tell their story to the Kings organization. Many of these kids can also reference a parent, guardian, teacher, coach, or mentor to be considered for the Community Impact Award.

Mind Health & Wellness – By partnering with local nonprofits, the goal of this initiative is to empower the physical and mental wellbeing of those in the Sacramento community. The Kings also partake in the league wide NBA Fit Week where each franchise holds spin, yoga, and HIIT classes for their fans. Additionally, the Kings organization and its employees use the Headspace app to monitor and improve their overall wellness.


NBA Cares – Stemming from the NBA’s mission, the NBA uses NBA Cares as a vehicle to address various social issues in our society. From the initiative, NBA Cares has put in 4.1 million hours of hands-on service built 1,115 residencies and engages with more than 18 million youth each year. This is possible through the various programs carried out by NBA Cares and each franchise which includes: NBA Math Hoops, Voices, FIT, Green, and WNBA Community Assist.


Awards and Recognitions


For the Sacramento Kings commitment to social justice, diversity and inclusion, community building, and their widespread projects, programs, and initiatives, the franchise has been awarded the following honors:


       2020 NBA Inclusion Innovation Award

       2020 ESPN Sports Humanitarian Team Award Finalist

       2019 NBA Inclusion Innovation Award

       2019 Robert T. Matsui Community Service Award

       2019 Greater Sacramento Urban League Unity Award

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