S6:EP6-Jeff McQueen, Mental Health Association of Nassau County

Join us for S6:EP6 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Jeff McQueen, Executive Director at Mental Health Association of Nassau County (MHANC) sits down with our host; Roy Kessel to share how the Mental Health Association of Nassau County works to improve mental health in our community through advocacy, education, program development and the delivery of quality direct services.

Jeff McQueen, MBA, LCDC, currently holds an important position as the Executive Director of the MHANC.  Mr. McQueen is a combat veteran equipped with first-hand experience within multiple facets of recovery.   Prior to his journey in recovery, Mr. McQueen has experienced several institutions battling emotional distress, PTSD, and substance abuse. He has presented implementation techniques throughout the country on topics such as personal growth, change, time management, and other recovery-based modalities. Mr. McQueen has learned from a variety of adversities and obstacles throughout his recovery process and embraced these experiences as well as learned to use them to not only educate society but find purpose and empowerment within these experiences. 

As Executive Director of MHANC, Mr. McQueen takes a unique position and works for his staff to make sure that they are armed with the appropriate tools and knowledge to get the job done; while giving full support to its respective community in becoming the healthiest it can possibly be. Holding the candle and fanning the flame of desire for recovery; Mr. McQueen makes it where a full recovery is not probable, but expected. When the right care is provided and the supporting staff genuinely cares about outcomes, then those whom they serve get better. Mr. McQueen’s job is to provide the community with vision, tools, and people that assure them recovery is indeed inevitable. 

MHANC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit membership-based organization that is fully dedicated to improving mental health in its respective community. Through a multitude of advocacy, education, personal and program development, and the delivery of direct and efficient services; The program is able to help positively treat and support those in need.

MHANC provides a variety of unique programs ranging from Veterans Services, Rehabilitation, and Support Services, Housing Services, Education and Training Services, as well as Advocacy and Community Relations. All of these programs teach one to be as wholehearted as possible and to live 100 percent of your life with what you have been given. MHANC offers over 32 programs, including a range of around 165 inclusive and diverse staff members.

In the near future, MHANC is holding an Overdoes Prevention and Awareness Walk on October 8th, 2022. The program’s organizational vision includes an increased engagement in crisis work, crisis centers, crisis home respite expansions, and reaching addicted communities. You can further learn about MHANC’s organizational horizon on its website: Mental Health Association of Nassau County.

Jeff McQueen, Mental Health Association of Nassau County
Sports Philanthrpy Podcast S6:EP6–Jeff McQueen, Mental Health Association of Nassau County

Highlights of Jeff’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 2:00 Developing a passion for sports as a child
  • 4:30 Introduction to the behavior of health
  • 6:00 Opportunities presented to help the health of others
  • 8:30 Starting with The Mental Health Association (MHANC)
  • 12:00 Service of the MHANC
  • 16:00 Organizational staff and keeping the program efficient and effective
  • 18:00 Different programs available to provide care to the community
  • 20:00 Overdoes Prevention and Awareness Walk
  • 23:30 Organizational vision for the future
  • 26:00 Choice of sports commissioner & parting words

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Jeff McQueen, Mental Health Association of Nassau County
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