PODCAST: Britt Pascale, NCSA

Join us for Episode 36 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Britt Pascale, Director of Training and Development for NCSA joins our host Roy Kessel to talk about how NCSA helps high school athletes get opportunities for college scholarships and how their “All-In Award” gives access to NCSA services for those families that need that additional support.

Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) is the world’s largest and most successful collegiate athletic recruiting network. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Reigning Champs LLC, NCSA leverages proprietary technology and data with professional expertise and personal relationships, connecting hundreds of thousands of college-bound student-athletes to more than 35,000 college coaches nationwide across 34 sports each year.

NCSA is the preferred and trusted recruiting partner for several national governing bodies including USA Baseball, USA Water Polo, United States Tennis Association (USTA), US Lacrosse, USA Wrestling, USA Field Hockey, USA Track and Field, USA Volleyball and US Youth Soccer.

Learn more about NCSA at www.ncsasports.org.

Britt Pascale, NCSA with Roy Kessel on Episode 36 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 00:30 Background
  • 01:30 Her role as Director of Training and Development
  • 02:30 How NCSA uses its development team and recruiting force to help students
  • 03:50 Changes in youth sports landscape over last 8 years
  • 08:40 How they work with multi-sport athletes
  • 10:15 Tiers of Service
  • 11:55 Partnerships to help prepare students for ACT/SAT
  • 12:30 Ideal time to start using their service
  • 16:10 All-In Award
  • 21:00 Does the recruiting process come to you
  • 23:30 Geographic scope of services
  • 25:00 Services provided for All-In Award
  • 27:30 Students visiting the office
  • 28:30 NCSA Turkey Bowl
  • 35:30 Help students extend education
  • 36:30 Best ways to support NCSA All-In Award

For more information about NCSA or the “All-In Award”, visit their website at www.NCSA.com.

Roy Kessel

Roy Kessel

Roy Kessel is the Founder of the Sports Philanthropy Network. Roy has worked in the sports business world for over 20 years including serving as an instructor in Northwestern University's graduate Sports Management Program. Having served as a sports lawyer representing athletes, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, Roy has extensive experience helping organizations improve their strategy, marketing, communications and leadership development.
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