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The Philadelphia Union Foundation

The Philadelphia Union Foundation is the Union’s non profit organization that serves the Chester, Pennsylvania area.


The Philadelphia Union Foundation is building safe spaces to play soccer in Philadelphia, strengthening youth programming, growing the beautiful game in Chester, and using soccer as a magnet to unite diverse communities. They seek to leverage the power of soccer to bring communities together, to create opportunity and to transform lives.


Chester High School with the Philadelphia Union Foundation, Power Home Remodeling, Adidas, and the Chester School District, the Union had brought back and funded a soccer program to Chester High School for the first time in 30 years.

Mini Pitches

The Philadelphia Union Foundation echoed the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s goal of creating 1,000 new soccer spaces nationwide by 2026 to increase a healthy lifestyle and create more activities for children across the nation.

In 2015, the Union Foundation dedicated their first Union-branded mini-pitch at Stetser Elementary School located in Chester, Pa. From there, the Union Foundation opened a second mini-pitch at Main Street Elementary in Chester.

In 2019, the Union Foundation, along with Eastern PA Youth Soccer partnered with Rebuild and the Parks and Recreation Department to build 15 more mini-pitches, along with two signature fields within the next five years.

Fight for Philly

In 2020, through the Union Foundation and MLS partner Captain Morgan, the Union launched their “Fight For Philly program” helping vulnerable communities in the Philadelphia area by delivering resources and meals to fight said communities plagued by COVID-19. The foundation donated over 2,000 PPE, 2,000 meals and 3,000 face shields.

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