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The Orlando City Foundation is committed to bringing soccer to under-served communities with a holistic approach to health and wellness. They accomplish this by providing free soccer programming, investing in safe places to play, and focusing on urban gardens and access to healthy food choices.



So far, the Orlando City Foundation has installed nine mini-pitches in locations across Central Florida.  These mini-pitches are converted miniature soccer fields, which the Foundation builds in community and recreation centers where space is limited.  This campaign reflects the Foundation’s goal of investing in safe places to play and increasing people’s access to soccer. 

Free Soccer Programs

The Foundation recognizes the importance and the potential health benefits of children maintaining an active lifestyle. In order to provide children with the opportunity to do so, the Foundation offers programs that teach both fundamental soccer skills and health and wellness essentials.  The Foundation offers free programs at community centers throughout Central Florida, where professional players frequently visit and instruct the children. 

Community Gardens

In its mission statement, the Foundation expresses its focus on addressing the challenges faced by low-income areas. With the Community Gardens initiative, the Foundation looks to improve access to nutritious food options in low-income areas. Since 2016, the Foundation has installed several gardens, many of them in urban areas. Urban agriculture benefits the community in many ways. It can have a positive effect on the environment, on the health of community members, and on the community’s access to necessary healthy food options. 

Kicking it Back Club

The Foundation allows supporters to join the Kicking It Back Club, which rewards partners for their charitable support with recognition and merchandise.  

Charitable Partners

Jade Strauss

Jade Strauss

Sports Philanthropy Network

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