Los Angeles Chargers Organizational Spotlight



The Chargers Community Foundation and Impact Fund, founded by the Spanos family
in 1995, honors volunteers, assist youth sports, and help causes important to LA. It has
provided more than $11 million to the community and $5 million for grants for
athletic equipment for public schools and hundreds of thousands for high school
athletic programs.



J.R. Chargers Training Camp: These are opportunities by the LA Chargers for schools and organizations in the Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties to get students physically active and host a camp on the school campus. It’s free and for grades 2 to 8, for kids to learn about physical health and fitness.

Fuel Up to Play 60: This focuses on the nutrition aspect of the Play 60 campaign by providing schools and kids alike critical information on the proper way to fuel your body when preparing to start your daily 60 minutes of exercise.

Youth Mentoring Programs: The LA Chargers provides a program to mentor youth by partnering with programs like First Downs for First Books to help youth academically.

Safe Places to Play: This program provides safe and clean places for children to play by providing new parks and facilities across Southern California.

Supporting Families: By partnering with non-profit organizations, the LA Chargers provides families with resources to help them financially and give them guidance on raising families.

Animal Welfare: The LA Chargers partners with non-profits to provide more community work towards the welfare of animals. One of these projects is called Community Pet Food Pantry, through the LA Animal Services, to which the LA Chargers donate money for such programs.

Emergency Response: The LA Chargers also commits itself to providing relief to families during emergency crises, such as a disaster, pandemic, or economic recession, by working with no n-profits like the American Red Cross.

Jr. Chargers Virtual Pkay60 Challenge: This is a virtual challenge, similar to the Play 60 Challenge, to encourage children to exercise for 60 minutes a day, while staying home during the pandemic. These include virtual workout videos by the LA Chargers.

Chargers Champions Grant: Created in 2000, this grant provides and has provided more than $6 million to schools, teacher, and students, to get funding for physical fitness, nutrition, or athletic training on campus. In 2020, they offered to give more than $100,000 to high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.

Salute to Service Campaign: Coaches and players travel overseas to salute troops, recognize servicemen and women, and create a platform for service persons to visit team facilities and engage in friendly competitions.

Bolts Wearing Kicks for a Cause/My Cause, My Cleats: The LA Chargers participate in this cause where they choose a foundation or organization of their choice and show their support for it by customizing their cleats.

Take Charge: This is a Character and Leadership Program that helps shape high school football players across Southern California into responsible leaders and role models for their younger peers.

 All-Star Classic: This is a tradition dating back to 1959, where players from the North County play against players from the South County in Orange County, providing them an opportunity to demonstrate their skills before continuing to professional or collegiate level teams. The Orange County Sportswriters Association chooses the players.

The Los Angeles Chargers Elite Skills (L.A.C.E.S.) Camp: This is an annual event hosted by the LA Chargers at their facility in Hoag Performance Center for 200 young football players from ages 7-14 to help develop skills to reach athletic ability.

Crucial Catch: A cause dedicated to supporting the fight against cancer, the Bolts community participates in this cause.


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