Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast: S4:EP5– Chris Draft, NFL White Ribbon Project on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVI

Join us for S4:EP5 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as Chris Draft joins host Kayla Bradham live from Radio Row at Super Bowl LVI to talk about the White Ribbon Project.

During Radio Row at the Super Bowl, Kayla and Roy were able to sit down with Chris Draft, Pierre, and Heidi to discuss lung cancer and the lack of awareness and knowledge around the nation.

Chris Draft is a former NFL Legend who played in the NFL for 12 seasons. He lost his wife to lung cancer and is using his platform for lung cancer awareness. Chris shares his story about his wife’s diagnosis and battle with lung cancer. He also talks about the Chris Draft Foundation and raising awareness of lung cancer.

Heidi and Pierre are founders of the white Ribbon project and Heidi is a lung cancer survivor. Heidi and her husband go into depth about the lack of knowledge and resources around the nation relating to lung cancer awareness. They explain how they started the White Ribbon Project and why it is so important. Heidi and Pierre also mention the factors that influence lung cancer, such as smoking and radon exposure. They are lung cancer awareness advocates and want to create more awareness and research about the disease. They encourage lung cancer survivors to speak up and ask for more money to fund more lung cancer research. Heidi and Pierre also talk about raising more awareness about lung cancer within the medical community.

They talk about the lack of knowledge primary care physicians have about lung cancer. Pierre is a primary care physician and is an advocate for raising awareness within the medical community. I encourage you to listen to this interview to learn more about the White Ribbon Project and how you can be a better advocate for lung cancer awareness.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:30 How Did He Get Started In This Program/Foundation?
  • 03:10 What Is The Message?
  • 04:41 Heidi’s Diagnosis With Cancer
  • 06:12 Pierre’s Shock As A Primary Care Physician
  • 07:10 Why Is The Screening Rate For Lung Cancer So Low?
  • 08:27 You Don’t Need To Be A Smoker To Develop Lung Cancer
  • 10:23 Radon Is the Number Two Cause of Lung Cancer
  • 11:04 Awareness Is So Important
  • 15:04 White Ribbon Project and How It Got Started
  • 17:47 Instead Of Just Being Mad, Commit To Something Else
  • 19:55 Where Can People Support This Cause



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