Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast: S4:EP12– Quincy Lavon Carter, NFL Alum

Join us for S4:EP12 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as Quincy Lavon Carter joins host Kayla Bradham to talk about his career, his current athlete training, and some of the obstacles he has overcome after his career.

Before his NFL career as the QB for the Dallas Cowboys, Quincy led his high school team to the 1995 AAAA State Championship. In addition, Quincy was honored with the recognition of USA Today Georgia Player of the Year and received Parade All-American Honors.

Quincy Carter was drafted second round in the 1996 major league baseball draft and played three years of minor league baseball.

In 1998, Quincy was the first freshman starter in 53 years at the University of Georgia. He was named SEC Freshman of the Year and had the fourth-highest total passing yards in school history. He was also named All-SEC twice and set a school record based on his interception percentage, the second-lowest percentage in SEC history. Quincy held the longest streak in SEC history of throwing consecutive passes without an interception during college.

In 2001, Quincy was drafted by the Cowboys as the 53rd overall pick. He was the first rookie quarterback selected in the second round to start a week one game in the history of the NFL. He stayed with the Cowboys and in 2003, led them to a 10-6 record and the NFL playoffs.

Post-NFL, Quincy focuses on teaching the nuances of the QB position at its finest. Quincy Carter QB School Training
includes three, five, and seven-step drops. The training concentrates on proper throwing mechanics and footwork on every route on the pocket tree. Quincy focuses on pocket movement and coverage recognition. His talents are shared amongst Elite 11, The QB Legacy, Baylin Trujillo Advanced QB Football Training, and various camps across the United States.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:26 What Sports Looked Like In His House
  • 02:12 Baseball
  • 04:21 How Did You Choose Between Baseball and Football?
  • 06:04 What Is Your Take on MLB Lockout?
  • 07:55 Quarterback School
  • 10:39 Best Coach He Ever Had
  • 12:25 Dugout Mugs Sponsor (Use Code Kayla30)
  • 12:58 Advice To Kids Who Want To Go Pro
  • 13:48 Life Took Its Toll
  • 17:55 Advice About Drugs and Alcohol
  • 20:55 Over Two Years Sober
  • 22:45 These Are The Steps To Get There
  • 24:24 Coaching Boys and Girls
  • 25:04 quincycarter17.com
  • 26:00 Autograph Donation
  • 26:20 Message To The People
  • 29:00 Thoughts On NIL
  • 31:07 Thank you


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