LALR Podcast: S4:EP31–Trent Clark, 3x MLB World Series Athlete

Join us for S4:EP31 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as Trent Clark, 3x MLB World Series athlete, joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss what it takes to become a successful athlete and how he helps develop athletes to become champions!

“As a kid, when I risked telling the people in my life that I trusted and that mattered most to me my #1 goal, this is what I was told… “you’re not enough.”

Have YOU ever been told that ‘YOU’RE NOT ENOUGH’? Has someone expressed that to you?

I overcame that and spent 12+ years in professional baseball, coaching the best in the world and teaching the most prestigious athletes in the fiercest competition of their lives battling for their dreams, HOW they “had what it takes” and that “they were enough.” …

I have three World Series Rings and entrepreneurial experiences that have shaped me. Those experiences have helped both me and those around me, to be the best each of us can be!


…and I can teach you and your team members HOW to Win Every Day!!

When I was 13 yrs old, I had career-day at school and had to determine 5 things of ‘what my life would be like when I was 30’ (my 30th Birthday happened to be on Y2K)! I wanted to be a Pro Baseball Player. This was my first experience of dreaming/vision work, goal setting, strategy planning, seeking advisers and Mentors, execution on what to do (and not do) plus analysis.

I help people. I explain the journey that sent me to the World Series 3 times and how I became a ‘dream maker.’

Having spent most of my adult livelihood among top 1% producers in sports and business, I assert my blend of business background, professional athletic development, and experience with MEASURABLE training, reinforced learning, leadership, mentoring and coaching expertise for individual and team development strategies to maximize human potential.

My developmental management, mentorship training, and leadership education came directly under coaching greats; Sparky Anderson, Tom Izzo, Nick Saban, Mike Scioscia, and Joe Maddon, to name a few.

I’m an International speaker, owner, investor and Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Member & Global Contributor for Mentorship programs.

I energize audiences as a Speaker telling my story of Overcoming Obstacles and Sacrifice; the ‘Weight of the Ring’ – experience of ‘living the dream’ of Pro Sports & their lessons; and teach company’s the ‘Growth Positioning System (GPS)’ and how to set clear intentions for your team & company; along with the key behaviors of leadership and tools to use in a leaders’ role!

I currently serve Transitions Team and I’m CEO & Chief Leadership Officer of Leadershipity.”

Trent Clark, trusted advisor and coach in building measurable individual leadership and team development worldwide for organizations.
Trent Clark joins our host Kayla Bradham on S4:EP31 of the Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:35 Baseball and how Trent got started in it
  • 2:45 Hyperlearning in sports
  • 4:40 Why saying yes to everything in an interview and in life isn’t always the best
  • 6:10 What teams Trent played and coached for
  • 8:20 The things Trent learned being in the presence of legendary coaches
  • 13:25 How Jacob knew it was time to leave his career
  • 19:30 Sponsor shoutout: Dugout Mugs, use code Kayla30 to save 30%
  • 20:19 What inspired Trent to start his businesses
  • 26:35 How to reach Trent
  • 28:15 Trent’s words of wisdom and final thoughts


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