Diverse Representation NBA All-Star Brunch

Talking about #DiverseRepresentation at the NBA All-Star Brunch.

We drove through the Midwestern snow and ice storm to converge in the middle of race, sport, and politics at the #NBA All-Star Brunch in Cleveland.

Representation matters. The representation has to reflect what the people are thinking. There were less than a handful of “white” people at the brunch to discuss diversity in the sports industry and that’s okay because today’s networking event created an abundance of hope and possibility for the people in attendance.  

Here are my ten takeaways: 

1.) Put qualified people in play and get started. Now is the time! 

2.) Nurture and mentor the young POC in your organization. 

3.) Be selfless; put the talent first, not the bias. 

4.) The easiest way to help yourself is to help other people. 

5.) Over time, relationship currency is the best currency to have. 

6.) If we’re helping each other, it’s a win for everyone. 

7.) Highlight people who are doing great things in the community.  

8.) Ask yourself, “How am I helping my community get better? “. 

9.) Social conscience is about creating community impact. 

10.) If you are exclusive, you are limiting your opportunities. 

Bottom Line: Representation matters — and the representation has to reflect what the people are thinking. We need diverse Representation in sports, in our communities, and in the workplace.  

 Diversity is central. It’s changing. It’s intentional. Frankly, right now it’s lacking.  

Jade Strauss

Jade Strauss

Sports Philanthropy Network

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