Youth Sports Foundation Spotlight

 The Youth Sports Foundation was created to help provide the opportunity and means by which any child, within the age eligibility, may actively participate in organized sports.


The Youth Sports Foundation was created to help provide the opportunity and the means by which any child at the 3rd-7th grade school age in the Muscatine and surrounding Iowa communities can actively participate in an organized sport that values personal integrity, team and leadership skills, in a fun and healthy learning environment.




Flag Football and Tackle Football– Players learn the fundamentals of the game of football. The football program teaches players the fundamentals to create safe habits as well the values of teamwork, self-discipline and confidence.

Volleyball– YSF Volleyball Program provides young girls entering 5th or 6th grades the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and skills of volleyball in a competitive, fun setting. 

Track & Field– Emphasis for the YSF Track & Field program is placed on teamwork and proper training techniques, including overall conditioning, stretching, and warm-up and cool-down periods.

Cheerleading– The YSF Cheer Program provides young people the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and to develop their abilities as a cheerleader. The program focuses on teaching each participant the correct fundamentals of the sport in a safe and fun environment.

Badminton– The Badminton program introduces the proper techniques and rules of the game to help foster a love the game as they move on to higher levels of the sport.

YSF has created youth sports opportunities in over 120 communities and growing. Donations play a large part in allowing Youth Sports Foundation the opportunity to scholarship athletes throughout their programs. Consider donating today!

Abbey DeRossi

Abbey DeRossi

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