Task Force Guidelines & Expectations


We are excited to have you participate in our SPN Task Force. Our goal is to be able to convert “Passion To Action.”


We want everyone to have a positive experience on the SPN Task Force.


Our goal is to collaborate to make meaningful change and support efforts in the areas covered by your SPN Task Force.


Some additional requirements and expectations of your Task Force will be established and agreed upon by your Task Force during its initial meeting and as your Task Force grows and develops over time.


In general, it is our expectation that meetings will be held via Zoom (or similar platform).


At the outset, we will plan that each meeting will be one hour in length until each Task Force determines the best format to accomplish its goals.


Task Forces may decide to create sub-Committees to handle certain tasks. The Committee Members will generally be Ambassadors outside of the Task Force. Committees serve as a good training ground for prospective Task Force Members.


Our goal is to ensure that we get diverse representation on each Task Force so that we get many different viewpoints, types of organizations, levels of experience, size of organizations, budgets and other factors. We recognize that there is no magic formula as to who will make a good Task Force Member, but our aspiration is people who are committed to make meaningful change.


The initial term for each Task Force Member is one (1) year.


Each Task Force Member must be an Ambassador of the Sports Philanthropy Network. 


As leaders coming together to set the tone and the strategy for the Task Force, we must each demonstrate our commitment to being involved in the Sports Philanthropy Network and supporting the Task Force initiative and agenda.


We recognize that not everyone will agree with the positions of other Task Force Members. We expect everyone to remain civil, support the efforts of the Task Force and promote the work of the Task Force.


Members of the Task Force are free to resign at any time. If you find that you cannot continue the time commitment or work expectations, please let us know via email.


The Sports Philanthropy Network has the sole and exclusive right to select and/or remove members of the Task Force. Neither the selection nor removal process will be taken lightly and the Sports Philanthropy Network will endeavor to resolve any disputes among members of the Task Force in a timely and peaceful fashion.


I understand that Sports Philanthropy Network will promote my involvement in the Task Force and I grant the Sports Philanthropy Network a royalty free, perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use my name, image and likeness on any of its websites, marketing materials, social media and any promotional materials as it relates to my participation in this Task Force.


We are ALL on the SAME team! Together, we are a force for good!


Let’s continue to build STRONGER, HEALTHIER and MORE INCLUSIVE communities!