Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Paul Tagliabue

Paul Tagliabue releases "terrific" memoir on time as NFL commissioner

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham as they sit down with former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, as he discusses his role and the significance of the Vet for Vote foundation that is set for our veterans as we head towards a new election.

Paul Tagliabue

Tagliabue continues to elaborate the utter importance of our elections in the United States, as a former commissioner of the NFL; Tagliabue has experienced first hand what it means to lead. With Vote The Vet, Tagliabue looks to lead the next generation of veterans to the polls for our elections. 

He wants to emphasize the challenges that come with getting people into the polls and letting their votes be heard. Whether that is the pandemic, not getting settled in with their district, or based on the simple fact that you moved states. Tagliabue wants to shine a light on these challenges, and show that when it comes to the election; we are able to overcome these blockades.

Tagliabue shares his thoughts on how Vet The Vote can create a change in our election system.

Paul believes that even when it comes to the big game on Sunday as an attraction, it can help bring awareness to the foundation of Vet The Vote. Helping those veterans understand they they are the change that can bring the rights to the people of the United States.


About Vet The Vote

Vet The Vote calls for action from Veterans across the United States of America. Calling them to become the next generation of poll workers, the people that step up for our country and are willing to serve justice for our country, in the form of voting in our elections. As Vet The Vote is a national campaign to recruit veterans and those military family members to continue serving their country in a different way.

More than 62,500 people stood and raised their hands to serve through Vet The Vote in the year 2022. As we continue to learn how to set up, serve, and run the over 115,000 voting locations across our country. Vet The Vote is looking for your help to provide the United States the freedom that it deserves.


Key Points:

1:20 – Veterans fight for freedom

3:00 – All about Vet The Vote Foundation

4:25 – Importance to vote and keep elections free and fair

5:15 – A track record on a fair election has became a challenge

6:00 – Different perspectives make the difference

6:30 – All the different views on elections moving forward

8:30 – How to Vet The Vote

9:00 – Getting the people to sign up

10:30 – How to decrease forgone conclusions

Cameron Andrade

Cameron Andrade

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