Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Jonny Bridgewater

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham as they sit down with CEO of The Genetic Code, Jonny Bridgewater joins the show to talk about how to mentally improve your game as an athlete, thinking about the positives and your strengths in life rather than the weaknesses. As Bridgewater talks about helping athletes mentally to improve their game.

Jonny Bridgewater

Bridgewater emphasizes early on about the importance of preparing for adversity through sports. As sports is a mentally tough challenge on any athlete, Bridgewater discusses how dealing with his own adversity has made his teachings better to his athletes. As he helps the likes of NFL prospects Braelon Allen and J.C Latham. Giving help to these players have helped shown him blessings in his own life.

The main thing Bridgewater wants to emphasize highly to his fellow athletes is the fundamentals that will help an athlete succeed. A simple switch in mentality can do all the right things, instead of thinking of trying not to do the wrong thing in your respective sport; you should switch your mindset to trying to do what you want to do.

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About The Genetic Code

About Watts + Diesel

Watts and Diesel provides facility combines sports enhancement training, physical therapy, and proper nutrition for ultimate results. Science-based programs are individually tailored to fit your lifestyle even if you were “once an athlete,” we welcome all skill and knowledge levels. Watts + Diesel strength coaches are committed to preparing for each athlete the best possible individualized sports enhancement program, meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Key Points:

0:30 – Jonny explains how sports are bigger than what it is

1:40 – Being respected by his athletes and blesses by them

2:00 – Preparing kids for adversity and life lessons

3:30 – Adversity to resiliency

4:30 – Having belief in God and Jesus

6:00 – Teaching to train through adversity

7:00 – Helping limit injuries by improving the support system

8:45 – Building a cohesive network with athletes

9:30 – Teaching rivals to work as one together

11:00 – Fundamentals that will help athletes succeed

12:00 – Try to do. Not try not to do.

13:30 – The Genetic Code

16:00 – Availability is the best asset

17:00 – Amplify your strength not your weakness

Cameron Andrade

Cameron Andrade

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