Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Brian Maieli

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham as they sit down with the founder of ILP Sports Consultants, Brian Maieli. As they talk about the potential problems with single sport athletes, mental health issues with athletes struggling through injuries, and diving deep into the liability issues within the sports world.

Brian Maieli

Mailei emphasizes his belief in multi sport athletes and why it should be considered a better alternative to singular sport athletes. With many parents being advocates for singular sport athletes, Maieli states it helps bring a kids true passion out into those sports and it brings different perspectives to the kids.

When it does come to singular sport athletes, the topic of “burnout” is talked about a lot from Maieli. How single sport athletes are not guaranteed success from specializing in their particular sport, where as they experience a burnout in that specific sport.

Maieli specializes in helping the athletes with the athletic training side of these sports, as he witnesses many athletes that have experienced mental health aspects from this potential burnouts. Especially from injuries that occur for these athletes, Mailei elaborates that mental health is always a component with an athlete that is affected by an injury through his career.

Finally, Maeili shows what possibly goes behind the scenes throughout a physical sport like the NFL, where potentially the treatment that these star players receive in the blue tent or the locker room. Can bring eyes to the NFLPA to protect these players as much as possible.

Maieli looks to bring awareness through the behind the scenes to help the younger generation and our professional athletes of today get treatment that can make them the best player that they can be.

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About ILP Sports Consultant

About ILP Sports Consultents

In the world of sports, injuries are an inevitable part of the journey to success. For athletes seeking guidance and education through the injury management process, ILP Sports Consultants, LLC stands out with a unique approach. With over 20 years of expertise in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, ILP Sports doesn’t just manage injuries – they empower athletes for optimal outcomes.

At ILP Sports Consultants, LLC, our mission is to empower athletes through education and guidance during the injury management process. Here’s why our services are invaluable for clients.

Key Points:

1:05 – Sports transitioning to digital media

3:20 – Importance of Amateur Boxing

4:25 – Founding of Caring Place

6:05 – Keeping the athletes safe

7:00 – How combat sports are keeping their fighters safe

8:45 – Transgender athletes in combat sports

12:35 – Values of combat sports

1:30 – Childhood in New York

3:50 – Multi Sport vs Single Sport Athletes

5:34 – Why being a single sport athlete isn’t a given path

6:00 – Specializing in one sport

7:30 – The “burnout” for single sport athletes

9:00 – How injuries affect athletes long term mentally

12:00 – Growing into a PA role

13:30 – Being a professional at the professional level

14:00 – What goes on in the NFL blue tent/locker room

16:00 – Protecting the Athlete

18:30 – The potential liability of protecting these players

20:30 – The problem and solution to this problem

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Cameron Andrade

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