Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Boyd Melson

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham as they sit down with the owner of MYND Drinks and WBC Ambassador Boyd Melson. As he discusses growing up dreaming of attending West Point and its realities, boxing in college to pass a gym class which lead to competing against Olympic boxers, to finding love and helping with procedures he was learning through college.

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Boyd Melson

As a seven year old, all Melson could think about was attending West Point, until reality settled in. Realizing the challenges that came with this Melson would be forced to compete in the boxing world. As a part of the West Point gym class is boxing, all you have to do is not give up. This was something Melson became good at, competing from boxing for a gym class grade to challenging future Olympians who trained for boxing their whole life. Not only did Melson do this while becoming ranked 5th in the world, and winning championships as part of the armed forces. He found his part of dealing with procedures to help those in need, as he takes a deep dive into his journey to MYND and WBC Ambassador.

About MYND Drinks


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Key Points:

1:00 – Boyd’s background into West Point

2:00 – Living life as a mixed race

3:30 – Boyd emphasizes his life in West Point

4:00 – Beginning life in West Point

4:30 – The art of gaining confidence and fighting back

6:00 – Becoming an Olympic Boxing

7:00 – Competing against Olympic Boxers

8:30 – Competing in boxing as a college student and learning procedures at the same time

10:00 – While dealing with procedures, Melson wins the Championship for Armed Forces

11:30 – Finishing 5th in the world while dealing with credit hours for his NBA

13:00 – Tracking attention as a boxer

15:00 – Running for congress

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Cameron Andrade

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