Super Bowl 58 Radio Row: Al Bernstein

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham as they sit down with Hall of Fame Boxing announcer Al Bernstein, as he discusses his role in funding equipment and bringing awareness to the amateur boxing scene.

Al Bernstein

Bernstein first elaborates his thoughts on the amateur boxing scene and the utter importance of it. As he and other foundations around the United States look to fund equipment for these boxing gyms, he details it is what they do outside of the ring that is important. 

Whether it comes to a fighters safety inside of the ring, Bernstein wants to emphasize their character outside of combat sports and in their everyday livelihood. Giving his notice on the changes combat sports have done to keep their athletes safe is the most important thing.

Along with a controversial topic, Bernstein goes into depth about transgenders in the world of combat sports. Showing how there is a possibility for them in the combat sports world, without the risk of significant injury.

Finally, Bernstein talks about just how combat sports can help young children, teenagers, adults, etc. Learning the values that a boxing gym can give them at a young age,  and the teachings that a trainer gives a young kid can be all they need.

As people can be critical on combat sports, it can be good teachings for a young aspiring athlete.

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About Caring Place

About Caring Place

Caring Place is a an organization that was founded by Al Bernstein and his wife Connie Bernstein. A foundation to help those who have been affected by cancer, as Connie was a victim of stage 4 breast cancer; the Bernstein’s wanted a place where they can help others. As they created the Caring Place foundation.

Key Points:

1:05 – Sports transitioning to digital media

3:20 – Importance of Amateur Boxing

4:25 – Founding of Caring Place

6:05 – Keeping the athletes safe

7:00 – How combat sports are keeping their fighters safe

8:45 – Transgender athletes in combat sports

12:35 – Values of combat sports

Cameron Andrade

Cameron Andrade

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