Super Bowl 57 Radio Row: Dave DesRochers

Dave DesRochers, Founder & CEO of Amployers, Inc & The 1st & Goal Project; Vice President of Orange County Chapter at NFL Players Association 

Join us on Radio Row as Sports Philanthropy Network President Roy Kessel and Vice President Kayla Bradham sit down with Dave DesRochers, Founder and CEO of Amployers, Inc and The 1st & Goal Project.

DesRochers brought his wife, AnnMarie Ochoa, by his side during the interview. They discussed the ups and downs in life, and why it should only impact you for the better.

He also discussed the events he has done while being in Phoenix for the Super Bowl. 

Sunday morning, DesRochers spoke about financial literacy to over 500 high school students in Phoenix. He says they are the “best behaved students [he] has ever been in front of.”

Tuesday, he and Ochoa went to Basket of Hope, and they assembled 400 baskets and 400 totes for children who have been hospitalized for extended periods of time. 

Wednesday morning, he and a few other former NFL players went to another high school and spoke to 200 young male students. “Old guy wisdom,” he called it. 

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Lindsay Merritt

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