Super Bowl 56 Radio Row: Rodney McLeod

Join us on Radio Row as Rodney McLeod, an NFL safety for the Philadelphia Eagles, sits down with hosts Kayla Bradham and Roy Kessel to discuss his commitment to his own philanthropic and community efforts.

Rodney and his wife started the Change Our Future Foundation, which is a youth development program that focuses on mentorship, college and career exposure, and STEM in education. He’s dedicated to providing resources to children that he and his wife did not receive when they were growing up. His foundation’s mission is to create hope and inspire kids, and to target education to stop the cycle of poverty and violence.

Rodney emphasizes that you don’t have to be a Super Bowl champion to be successful or to make a difference – he wants to give children the resources and encouragement they need in order to go out and change the world.

Change Our Future Foundation

“Change Our Future seeks to empower people through education, advocacy, and awareness in the areas of youth development, healthy lifestyles, and community enrichment.

Our passion is to collaboratively eliminate barriers seen in healthcare, education, and civic engagement by advancing programs, opportunities and resources that give youth, families, and communities a path toward a healthy and hopeful future.”

About Rodney McLeod

Rodney is a graduate of the University of Virginia. He is extremely passionate about giving back to his community and inspiring anyone he comes in contact with. He believes wholeheartedly in the importance of inspiring, growing, and developing the next generation by bridging the gaps no matter their backgrounds. Rodney’s and his wife’s involvement in Change our Future is currently impacting Philadelphia, Prince George’s County, MD, Camden and Trenton, NJ. They hope to expand beyond those city lines and reach as many youths as they can.


Eve Maddock

Eve Maddock

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