SUPER BOWL 56 RADIO ROW: Natalie Hummel, Every Kid Sports Co-Founder & Executive Director.

Natalie Hummel talks with Kayla and Roy about her organization, Every Kid Sports regarding their principles, and how they tackle breaking down the financial barrier for entry into sports by funding the costs of participation fees.

Natalie describes the beginning of the organization and how it was driven by the knowledge that only 22% of kids from low-income and underserved communities were given the chance to play sports, many of whom were not granted the full experience. Natalie felt that something needed to be done, given that youth sports are a great developmental tool, allowing kids to become their best selves. Furthermore, Natalie explains how the pandemic saw many suffer the loss of jobs and income, meaning many parents couldn’t afford sports for their children. Natalie and her organization provide financial aid to families to get their children in sporst, which she explains changes the life of the parents as well as the kids.

Natalie Hummel joins Roy Kessel and Kayla Bradham on Radio Row

Natalie explains the three pillars of the organization: increased access, child choice – allowing children to play the sport that inspires them, and multi-sport athletes. She explains that this effort takes a lot of money, yet through valuable partnerships with Dicks Sporting Goods, Under Armor, and the NFL, they have been able to change the lives of many children and families.

Natalie explains that 6.7 million kids are living in poverty. Their goal is to help 100,000 kids per year, but there is still work to be done. She feels as though the trickle effect of what her organization is doing now will show up in 5-15 years and that the power of sport to transform lives is very clear, so we need to give kids the opportunity to achieve this accomplishment.


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