SUPER BOWL 56 RADIO ROW: Karisa Maxwell

Karisa talks with Kayla and Roy about her work with The Sporting News, ensuring the right people are telling the right stories.

Karissa explains her persistent interest in storytelling. While she has never necessarily been a person to care about the intricate details of sports, Karisa identifies sports as a great outlet to tell the stories that humanize athletes. This storytelling outlet depicts athletes having the same struggles and fights for the same causes as everyday individuals. They are using their respective sports platforms for the causes they care about. Karisa tries to stick to the stories that matter. She says, “They may not get the most views, they may not go viral, but it’s meaningful work, even if just one person hears it that feels inspired to make a difference.”

Karisa Maxwell joins Roy Kessel and Kayla Bradham on Radio Row

Karisa talks in depth about advocating for women to have a place in sport and the broader issue of diversity and inclusion. She argues that with regards to job recruiting and diversity, it’s what these candidates can bring to the table outside of the tangibles, and what impact can they have on the audience you want to attract. She admits that good work is being done on this front, though there’s always room for growth and learning, which is exactly what she is championing at The Sporting News.

Finally, Karisa talks about the high rates of underage pregnancy in developing countries and how she would love to design a sustainable action encouraging after-school programs. This would give children an outlet to express themselves, learn teamwork, make friends, and show them that they have a purpose. Karisa feels strongly that this is a way we can start a trend for kids to use what they may learn inside or outside of sports to set a foundation for a successful future.


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