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The Victory Project was created by Sporting Kansas City and is dedicated to helping children throughout all of life’s struggles. The Victory Project supports children in the Kansas City region by uniting players, staff, fans and community partners. Part of their goals is also to enhance children’s lives who have disabilities as well.


The Victory Project and Children’s Mercy: The Victory Project helps kids fighting cancer on a daily basis as well as supporting research to accelerate diagnoses and treatments for children with the diseases.

Sporting Wishes: This program within The Victory Project fulfills wishes for children who relapse or are diagnosed with a secondary cancer. The initiative is to make dreams come true as The Victory Project grants major wishes to patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Soccer for All Kids: The Victory Project makes the sport of soccer more accessible to children with disabilities and limited financial resources. They do this by working with partners, non-profits, schools and other entities to bring soccer programs to kids who have not had chances to play before.

Sporting Community Kitchens: This program launched in April 2020, distributing over 30,000 free meals to Kansas City residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring. The initiative will continue with a new format for 2021 as it will now provide meals for children and families in need.

Victory Project Events

Victory Gala: Through the Victory Gala they provide unique opportunities for kids to shine and be included in a moment of victory.

Victory Lap 5k: The victory lap is a run and walk that helps raise money for the Victory Project. In 2019 the event featured 600 participants of all ages and raised $22,000.

The Victory Project Partners

Jade Strauss

Jade Strauss

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