SPN Webinar 34 – Richard Wolfe, SODI

Listen in to SPN Webinar 34 as Richard Wolfe, Faculty Director, Sport & Organization Dynamics Conference, Ross School joins the #SportsPhilanthropy Network to take us through . relates these insights on: The Effects of Societal/Racial Unrest on Sports, the role of culture in navigating a crisis

Sport Organization and Dynamics Institute (SODI) is a review of performance in sport leads to the realization that practices to improve performance such as Sports Analytics, Exercise Science, and Sport Psychology — while each having the potential to contribute considerably — their contribution is very much dependent upon effective implementation. This is where elements of organization dynamics come to the fore.

Moreover, sport analytics, exercise science, and sport psychology have diffused to the extent that they contribute to competitive parity, certainly not a too competitive advantage.

Realization of the above motivated the creation of the SPORT & ORGANIZATION DYNAMICS INSTITUTE as organization dynamics contributes to getting the most out of a team that analytics helps assemble and that sport science gets in game shape.

Please visit the Institute’s Board of AdvisorsHistory and Mission pages for more information.

Kelsey Donnolo

Kelsey Donnolo

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