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The One Roof Foundation is the charitable sector of the Seattle Kraken. It expands opportunities for young people and their communities to help them succeed and enhance equity and sustainability. The foundation also strives to create an equal society and a healthy planet where everyone can have a better future.


Environmental Justice-One Roof Foundation works and supports low-income communities that are more vulnerable to environmental risk. They also help communities to avoid dangerous climate change while also providing safe areas for children to play.
YouthCare-One of the first runaway and homeless youth shelters on the West Coast, YouthCare today provides shelter, housing, education, and job training to those in need each year, giving them the hope, skills, and self-confidence they need to prosper.
Youth Access to Hockey-This initiative uses available resources to break down obstacles to participation in all forms of hockey, allowing all children to participate. The goal is to bring ball hockey to schools, organizations, and community centers.


Even though this organization is relatively new, they provide the community with important information. This includes information on how and where to get vaccinated. In addition, they also give details about the Black Lives Matter movement. They give everything from podcasts to articles, to websites and places to donate. 
Sadie Yarosh

Sadie Yarosh

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