S6:EP7-Sean Gibson, Josh Gibson Foundation

Join us for S6:EP7 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Sean Gibson, Executive Director of the Josh Gibson Foundation sits down with our host; Roy Kessel to share his life story, carrying on the legacy of his last name, and how the Josh Gibson Foundation impacts and improves the lives of the youth by creating positive change in the Pittsburgh community.

Growing up in the inner city Sean Gibson played football, baseball, and basketball as a child. Sean attended Robert Morris University, where he received a Degree in Criminal Justice after graduating college in 1995. Originally wanting to pursue law enforcement as a profession, Sean’s Grandfather educated him on the importance of legacy; and he decided to take on that challenge to further carry on the legacy of his great-grandfather Josh Gibson, and the 3,400 individuals who were denied the opportunity to fulfill their own legacy. 17 years ago, Sean got involved in the Josh Gibson Foundation which was founded by his grandfather. Sean then took the initiative to become the president of the Foundation and dedicated his life to the legacy of his last name, and to help improve the lives of the youth within his community.

As the President and Executive Director of the Josh Gibson Foundation; Sean helps ensure that the program achieves its values of creating life skills, coaching, and educational support for the youth to create a positive change within the Pittsburgh community. Sean is excited and proud of what his organization has been able to accomplish over the years, with a wide range of support from the Board of Directors and supporting organizations.

The Josh Gibson Foundation includes a multitude of programs, which help further teach the youth important life skills. The programs include summer camps, incorporated athletic and academic programs, mentoring within the school, and scholarships… all of which provide a fantastic opportunity for children and teenagers to learn life skills, have fun, and prepare for the future that is to come.

Sean is under the belief that the creation of a safe haven where future legends can focus on preparing for college, successful careers, and learning the true game of baseball can help prepare the youth to go above and beyond with their lives. In order to achieve these goals, it requires dedicated facilities, funding, and staffing; which is the continued focus and goal of the Josh Gibson Foundation. With the vast support of those within the community and around the world, the goal of creating the Josh Gibson Academy will be realized and fulfilled.

On the horizon for Sean and the Josh Gibson Foundation, they hope to acquire their own facility in the near future. Along with the creation of a new facility, the Foundation hopes to acquire amass a Boys and Girls club. Currently in the works is a project that will include a miracle field in the inner city, and rubberizing the field for the disabled. You can help assist the Josh Gibson Foundation in any way possible by attending upcoming events, applying for the STEAM program, and purchasing merchandise from the Josh Gibson Foundation Website.

Sean Gibson, Josh Gibson Foundation
Sean Gibson, Josh Gibson Foundation

Highlights of Sean’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:00 Overview of the Josh Gibson Foundation
  • 2:00 How Sean developed a passion for sports as a child
  • 5:00 Carrying on the legacy of his grandfather
  • 9:00 The current and future work of the Josh Gibson Foundation
  • 14:00 The MVP project
  • 15:30 Multiple different core programs with kids
  • 18:30 Duquesne University offering non-transferable college credit courses
  • 20:00 Programs and mentors offered, who are involved
  • 26:00 The horizon/future of the Josh Gibson Foundation
  • 30:00 Expanding the Josh Gibson Foundation through the ability to work and help virtually
  • 32:00 Which sport Sean would be the commissioner of and how he would create change in this league

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Sean Gibson, Josh Gibson Foundation
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