S6:EP3-Seth Ehrlich, SOS Outreach

Join us for S6:EP3 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Seth Ehrlich, Executive Director at SOS Outreach sits down with our host Roy Kessel to share how SOS Outreach works to build character and self-esteem in youth facing risk through outdoor adventure, leadership development, and life skill development.

Seth was born in Pittsburgh, and his father helped him develop a strong passion for Skiing as a child. Seth was the co-facilitator for the ski club from 8th grade through high school and that developed his love for being outdoors and riding chair lifts in the snow. Attending Liberal Arts College, Seth completed the Americorps program, helping him grow professionally and become a part of something bigger and better. Seth went to Graduate School at Carnegie Melon University, studying Nonprofit Management; which led him to a 6-month position at SOS Outreach. After hard work and dedication, Seth is now the Executive Director at SOS Outreach, helping the youth build leadership development skills through various outdoor adventures.

SOS Outreach builds character development and broadens leadership within the youth who face risks through mentoring outdoors. SOS Outreach prides itself on six core values: courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and humility. These values are crucial to the programs and operations that the company provides.

Seth has been a part of SOS Outreach for over 17 years, leading to his development into the Executive Director for over seven years. In his time with the company, Seth has seen the company experience tremendous growth through the mentoring program; and has been a large part of the growth from one office and less than 1,000 kids to now being located in more than 15 cities.

In the next few years, Seth and SOS Outreach look to continue their growth as a company. The youth mentoring program is a key driving force that is currently located in six cities, with the hope and expectation to reach nine within the upcoming year. Seth and SOS Outreach work with youth agencies and schools, including Boys & Girls Clubs, as well as BBBS.

SOS Outreach offers inspiring programs which encourage mentors to develop a unique relationship with children by giving them an outdoor experience of a lifetime; while also developing life skills and incorporating their 6 core values into the daily life of the youth.

Seth believes that it takes a partner that is dedicated to the entire curriculum that SOS Outreach offers, and they are continuously looking for advocacy from those who fully believe in their program and the crucial youth development that is provided. SOS Outreach support consists of contributing a hands-on experience, or equipment including snow jackets, hats, gloves, and base layers to the youth who do not have the necessary supplies to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Seth Ehrlich, SOS Outreach

Highlights of Seth’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:45 Overview of SOS Outreach
  • 2:30 Passion for Skiing and outdoors
  • 4:30 Ski club & getting others involved
  • 7:00 College & early stages of work
  • 10:00 Growth of SOS Outreach and mentorship program
  • 14:30 Leadership and development role at SOS Outreach
  • 17:00 SOS Outreach future & horizon
  • 22:00 Advocacy and equipment
  • 28:00 Passion for being outdoors and the beauty of the world
  • 30:00 Parting Words


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Seth Ehrlich, SOS Outreach
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