S6:EP2-Paul Caccamo, Up2Us Sports

Paul Caccamo, Up2Us Sports

Join us for S6:EP2 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Paul Caccamo, Executive Director at Up2Us Sports sits down with our host Roy Kessel to share how Up2Us Sports works to transform the youth and respective communities within sports through training, supporting, and engaging with sports coaches on how to better these platforms.

Paul grew up with six brothers, and his father coached them all when growing up. Paul was not necessarily a sports enthusiast growing up as a child, however his opportunity to serve and teach children after college paved his path into the sports world. Paul believes that sports are an opportunity to give kids an after-school experience where they get to bond and be a part of something that is bigger than just the classroom. Paul exclaims “This activity of organizing youth sports is a simple way of building community and exposing kids to extreme possibility.”

Up2Us Sports is the nationwide leader in engaging, training, and supporting sports coaches to transform youth, programs, and communities. Their AmeriCorps coaching program is the first national service program that challenges young adults to give back to their communities through a year of service as coach-mentors.

Up2Us Sports’ research, training, and on-the-ground initiatives empower sports programs across the country to become a united force for meaningful change. To date, Up2Us Sports has reached nearly 450,000 youth by placing more than 2,300 coaches in underserved urban communities.

Paul has been the Executive Director of Up2Us Sports for over 12 years, an aspiring company that addresses stress through sports. Up2Us Sports trains coaches on how to be a part of a team, and addresses life skills such as competition, fitness, and focus to better educate the youth within sports.

Up2Us Sports is hosting its 9th Annual Up2Us Sports Gala on Tuesday, October 11, 2022; from 6:30-9:30 pm at Classic Car Club Manhattan. This inspiring event helps recognize and celebrate the crucial role sports coaches hold within our community.

Highlights of Paul’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 2:00 College experience
  • 5:30 Helping children break away from isolation
  • 6:20 Roles played within non-profit sectors
  • 9:30 Sports is the arm to creating opportunity
  • 12:30 Applying sports to life skills
  • 17:00 Social Entrepremuerialism
  • 20:30 Coaches buffering the negatives
  • 23:30 Coaches as mentors (training coaches)
  • 27:00 Coaches training other coaches, blossoming
  • 30:00 Parting words of wisdom


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Paul Caccamo, Up2Us Sports

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