PODCAST: S5:EP3–Anna Valent, Athletes for CARE

Join us for S5:EP3 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Anna Valent, Executive Director of Athletes for CARE sits down with our host Roy Kessel to discuss the insights on Athletes for CARE! The organization works to help athletes after their careers are over and help them adjust to life after they are done playing.

Anna talks about her passions and interests in sports and why she chose to work for a company such as Athletes for CARE. Since her time at University of Florida, she has taken an interest in being in a non-profit organization and progressed her way in that field until she was brought on by Athletes for CARE.

Established in 2018, Athletes For Care has been predicated on finding new ways to help athletes after their careers adjust to life in retirement. They are an organization founded by a group of pro athletes who are uniting as one voice to advocate for research, education, and compassion when addressing important health issues facing athletes and the public at large.

Athletes For Care is the first of its kind: a global advocacy and support organization created by athletes for athletes, designed to raise awareness for critical health and safety issues that impact athletes of all ages and promote solutions that lead to a better quality of life for our team and yours. Come listen to the podcast below to hear more about Athletes For Care!

Anna Valent joins our host Roy Kessel on S5:EP3 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:45 First Memories of Sports
  • 03:00 Time at University of Florida
  • 03:55 After College
  • 07:05 What Drew Anna into the Entrepreneur Space?
  • 10:35 Time at Athletes For Care
  • 13:30 Handling the 24-Hour Working Period
  • 16:15 What Attracted Anna to Athletes For Care?
  • 22:05 Inside Perspective at Athletes For Care
  • 26:00 Who Handles the Caring Aspect?
  • 27:30 Where Does Athletes For Care Get Funding From?
  • 31:40 Anna’s Most Proud Accomplishments
  • 34:40 What Does 2022 Look Like for Athletes For Care?
  • 36:30 Trivia
  • 38:00 Closing


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