PODCAST: S4:EP3–Cindy Coleman, Take Pride Learning

Join us for S4:EP3 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Cindy Coleman, Founder of Take Pride Learning, sits down with our host, Roy Kessel, to discuss approaching education in an innovative way and how it relates to sports.

Cindy founded Take Pride Learning in 2000, to help teachers and schools provide more efficient, digital learning tools to their communities. She used to be a teacher and is now a social entrepreneur. She earned her Master’s Degree in Education in Instructional & Curricular Studies, with a focus on technology. She also earned her B.S.B.A. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has created a multi-sensory curriculum using multi-media to engage the students. Once she left the classroom, she began her innovative approach to education, by creating her new company, Take Pride Learning®.

Founded in 2000, Take Pride Learning® is a company that approaches education in an innovative way through new curricula and products for kids. The company’s motto is, “dream it, believe it, achieve it.” Their mission is to put the “pride” back in learning by creating new ways to approach education in the 21st century. They are committed to changing the ineffective and old ways of education to provide all kids with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and goals. They use technology to maximize learning.

Cindy Coleman joins our host Roy Kessel on S4:EP3 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:15 Approaching Education like an Athlete
  • 03:45 Cindy’s Background
  • 06:00 Coaching in Australia & Creating Innovative Education
  • 09:00 Doing an Education Program with the Zoo
  • 11:00 Read to Play Program
  • 23:00 The Program in Practice
  • 26:45 Habits for Success: Anticipation
  • 35:00 Facing Your Opponents
  • 40:00 Plans for the Post-Pandemic World
  • 43:00 How The Community Can Help
  • 43:30 Conclusions




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