PODCAST: S4:EP29–Grant Frailich, The Pride Tree

Join us for S4:EP29 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Grant Frailich, Founder and President of The Pride Tree, sits down with our host Roy Kessel to discuss the amazing work he putting together at The Pride Tree.

Grant attended Arizona State University, where he wrote his honors thesis on the role the New Orleans Saints played in revitalizing their city following Hurricane Katrina. He went on to attain Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Education, and Education Administration. He spent 7 years in education, including 2 years with Teach for America. He currently serves as the Founder and President of The Pride Tree.

The Pride Tree’s mission is to create safe environments where LGBTQ+ youth and allies can explore their own identity. They strive to create events and programming where all people have the freedom to be whoever they want and to express their own identity openly and without fear. Based in Las Vegas, NV, The Pride Tree provides support and outreach to kids of all backgrounds through camps and after school activities.

Grant Frailich joins our host Roy Kessel on S4:EP29 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:30 Grant’s Background
  • 02:45 Grant on the New Orleans Saints
  • 04:30 Next Steps for Grant
  • 06:00 Origins of The Pride Tree
  • 08:30 Why The Pride Tree is Different
  • 09:30 Talking About LGBTQ+
  • 12:30 Establishing The Pride Tree
  • 15:00 The Pride Tree Programming
  • 21:15 Contact Info
  • 22:40 Grant on Mentoring
  • 23:50 Biggest Challenges
  • 26:00 Advice Grant Wishes He Had
  • 27:45 Building a Board
  • 30:10 The Next 3 Years
  • 33:15 If Grant Were NFL Commissioner
  • 36:45 Parting Words


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Andrew Garver

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