PODCAST: S4:EP28–Justin Prettyman, San Francisco 49ers

Join us for S4:EP28 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Justin Prettyman, Executive Director of the San Francisco 49ers, sits down with our host Roy Kessel to discuss the great work being accomplished at the 49ers Foundation.

Prettyman joined the 49ers Foundation in 2017. Justin spent 11 years with the Boston Red Sox Foundation where he served as the assistant director of marketing and development. Prettyman was responsible for the Red Sox Foundation’s cornerstone education initiative, the Red Sox Scholars Program where, under his leadership, the program won the inaugural Major League Baseball Commissioner’s Award for Philanthropic Excellence in 2009. The Red Sox Foundation also won the Robert Wood Johnson Award for Best Team Charity in Professional Sports in 2010.  

49ers Foundation Overview

For the past 30 years, the 49ers Foundation has harnessed football to educate and empower Bay Area youth through collective and innovative community-focused strategies. From award-winning STEAM education and nationally recognized youth football programs, to impactful community partnerships with leading nonprofits, the 49ers Foundation is tirelessly dedicated to inspiring the confidence and collaboration youth need to tackle what is possible. Since 1991, the 49ers Foundation has invested more than $50 million back into historically underserved Bay Area communities in support of its commitment to remain faithful to the next generation. 49ers.com/foundation

The Foundation’s two direct programs are 49ers EDU and 49ers PREP:

  • 49ers EDU leverages the game of football and Levi’s Stadium as platforms to expose students at an early age to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) concepts and careers, creating excitement and engagement around learning. By providing standard-aligned physical and digital enrichment materials to those furthest from resource and opportunity, 49ers EDU can be a catalyst in creating interest and developing STEAM literacy. Committed to serving students, teachers, and families in the Bay Area, 49ers EDU empowers our youth by building 21st Century Skills and foundational STEAM knowledge to better prepare them as future leaders of their communities. 49ers.com/49ersedu
  • 49ers PREP presented by U.S. Bank empowers Bay Area youth to lead healthy lifestyles by engaging in physical activity and nurturing the growth of student athletes beyond the playing field. The program provides free non-contact activities for both boys and girls, as well as additional programs to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities. 49ers PREP’s principal objective is to promote a culture of teamwork by creating safe opportunities for children of all backgrounds to play, grow and have fun at no cost. 49ers.com/49ersprep

COVID-19 Impact:

To support teachers and students during distance learning, the Foundation launched its Digital Huddle program, a hub for all their free education and fitness resources for teachers to use as a part of their everyday curriculum. The Foundation’s direct programs EDU and PREP have been creating online resources for parents, coaches, teachers and students since at-home and distance learning began in April. They’ve had students in every district across the Bay Area use our online fitness and education programs.

Digital Huddle: https://www.49ers.com/foundation/programs/digitalhuddle?_debug=y&token=abb2e383b5db3a1a5307b67dec96696d27a7b269e5f02d30939f408acfb52180

49ers EDU Digital Playbook: https://www.49ers.com/community/edudigitalplaybook

49ers EDU Playbook Review Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB205pkCsyupnaLemLFhsTLT9_2jQnC5

49ers PREP Virtual Fitness Program: https://www.49ers.com/community/programs/prep-virtual-fitness

49ers PREP Flag Football Program:

Justin Prettyman joins our host Roy Kessel on S4:EP28 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:47 Justin’s Passion for Sports
  • 02:36 Youth Sports
  • 05:09 Neighborhood Memories
  • 08:08 Kids Passion for Sports
  • 10:00 Sports Justin Played Growing Up
  • 12:46 Justin’s Preparation for Career Path
  • 18:08 Justin’s Jobs Prior to 49ers
  • 23:33 Transition to the West Coast
  • 27:34 Mission Statement
  • 32:27 Sponsors & Funding
  • 37:00 Digital Program
  • 42:18 Toll on Students from Pandemic
  • 44:00 Foundation’s 30th Anniversary
  • 45:50 Contact Information
  • 47:45 Commissioner of the NFL
  • 50:00 Closing Remarks


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