PODCAST: S4:EP27–Steve Pindar, Roberto’s Kids

Join us for S4:EP27 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Steve Pindar, Founder and C.E.O. of Roberto’s Kids, sits down with our host Roy Kessel to discuss his background and his current work at Roberto’s Kids.

Steve grew up in Oneonta, NY. With Cooperstown in his backyard, baseball has always been a part of his life. After working at various minor league teams in Oneonta, he then moved on to the Baseball Hall of Fame, where he served as the visitor services coordinator. In 1997, Pindar visited the Dominican Republic. He witnessed the love of baseball that exists in the country, but also the serious need for baseball equipment for young players. In 1999, he began to collect baseball equipment and distributing it within the Dominican Republic. In 2005, Pindar connected with the Clemente family, and Roberto’s Kids was founded. He still lives in Oneonta.

The mission of Roberto’s Kids is to teach social responsibility through baseball. The nonprofit organization collects new and gently worn baseball equipment from the United States and Canada and distributes it to disadvantaged youth in Latin American countries, the United States, and around the World. Every year, Roberto’s Kids distributes over 50 tons of baseball equipment all over the world.

Steve Pindar joins our host Roy Kessel on S4:EP27 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:40 Steve’s Background
  • 04:30 Steve’s Time at the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 05:20 Minor League Baseball in Oneonta, NY
  • 07:45 Steve’s Favorite Roll in Oneonta
  • 09:00 Meeting Al Leiter
  • 11:00 Steve’s Vision for Roberto’s Kids
  • 15:45 Network Goals for Roberto’s Kids
  • 19:25 The Need for Equipment and Steve’s Experiences
  • 25:45 Delivering Equipment and Screening Process
  • 32:00 Operating in Different Countries
  • 33:30 Steve’s Takeaways from Roberto’s Kids
  • 38:40 Next Steps for Roberto’s Kids
  • 40:00 If Steve Were Baseball Commissioner
  • 42:15 Goodbyes


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