PODCAST: S3:EP20–Kevin Connors and Will McAneny, Susan Crown Exchange

Join us for S3:EP20 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Will McAneny and Kevin Connors of Susan Crown Exchange, sit down with our host, Roy Kessel, to discuss their backgrounds and SCE’s Million Coaches Challenge, attempting to train one million coaches in youth development by 2025.

Kevin Connors is the Senior Director at Susan Crown Exchange, primarily responsible for leading new initiatives, managing the portfolio of grant partners, and co-developing organizational strategy. Prior to SCE, Kevin served as the Founding Director of Personalized Learning at Chicago Public Schools, helping to design the nation’s first large scale implementation of the Personalized Learning school model, receiving national acclaim. Prior to CPS, Kevin wrote for Education Week and served as a Corps Member and High School English Department Chair with Teach for America in St. Louis. He began his career as a management consultant in the private sector and holds a B.S. in Business from Indiana University and a Master’s degree in Education Policy & Management from Harvard University.

Will McAneny is the Senior Communications Associate for SCE, responsible for engaging audiences, increasing visibility, elevating the work of partners, and enhancing communication. Will also writes and edits blogs, articles, and newsletters, manages the website and social media platforms, and tracks and reports on the reach and impact of our SCE’s public communication efforts. Before joining SCE, Will worked in communications for international nonprofits in South Africa, Ecuador, and the United States, and most recently served as Senior Communications Associate for Root Capital, a nonprofit social lender supporting agricultural businesses across Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Will also holds a BA in International Affairs from Northeastern University.

The Susan Crown Exchange supports nonprofits that prepare youth to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Recently, they have launched their Million Coaches Challenge, attempting to train 1 million coaches in youth development by 2025, and collaborated with The Aspen Institute on their Calls for Coaches Initiative.

Kevin Connors & Will McAneny join our host Roy Kessel on S3:EP20 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 01:03 Will’s Background
  • 02:49 Kevin’s Background
  • 06:14 Million Coaches Challenge
  • 07:19 How the Challenge came to be
  • 09:08 What the Data Shows
  • 12:57 The Importance of Coaches
  • 15:55 Timeframe for the Coaches Challenge
  • 17:57 How Far & The Communities The Challenge Will Reach
  • 18:52 Partnerships & Being Adaptable
  • 19:57 Applications & Coalitions
  • 21:32 Application Timeline & Qualifications
  • 23:38 Differing Organizations
  • 25:10 The Limits of the Challenge
  • 26:51 How to Find Out More or Apply
  • 28:13 Will as Commissioner of Soccer & Diving
  • 29:10 Kevin as Commissioner of the MLB & Home Runs


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