PODCAST: S3:EP11–Lee Hawkins, ASA Foundation


Join us for S3:EP11 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Lee Hawkins, Founder of the ASA Foundation, sits down with our host, Roy Kessel, to discuss his passion for empowering underprivileged communities and individuals across the globe utilizing a multitude of projects, curriculums, and other development-based programs.

Hawkins founded the ASA Foundation in 2001. One of Lee’s many positions see him take on the role of International Education & Sports Development Specialist. He has over 20 years of experience working with International Donors, NGOs, the Private Sector together with Sports Clubs and Associations.

Hawkins oversees the full project management lifecycle of sports-based education empowerment programs supported by local governments (Ministries of Education, Youth & Sports) worldwide. Some of the sports-based education curriculums Lee has started in this role include Health & Sanitation, Conflict Mitigation, Circular Economy & Waste Management, DRR, Financial Literacy, English Language, HIV AIDS Awareness, Women Empowerment, Life Skills and Trauma Relief.

Lee has manned the design and implementation of inclusive sports-based education development projects for youth with and without mental and physical disabilities for some time now. He also handles the planning, organization, design and implementation of ASA elite youth soccer and sports coaching development academies together with international leagues, tournaments and empowerment festivals.

He is currently designing and developing COVID-19 Prevention & Hygiene Awareness projects across South East Asia and South America. Some of the partners ASA has worked with over the years has been the British Embassies, the British Council, the U.N. Agencies, the U.S. Embassies, USAID, and the FIFA Foundation.

The ASA Group highlights the empowering of people through sports-based education activities such as participatory learning classroom workshops, grass roots Edu-Sports development coaching clinics, training of trainer (ToT) master training programs together with festivals, leagues and tournaments. The group uses sports-based education development programs as a pedagogical tool to create awareness while providing lasting benefits in areas such as education, health, gender equality, athletic development together with the regeneration of schools and communities across developing countries.

Lee Hawkins joins our host, Roy Kessel, on S3 E11 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 01:00 Lee’s background in sports
  • 02:50 Beginnings in Asia
  • 08:45 Virtual training
  • 11:45 Keeping kids engaged
  • 15:00 Working with foundations
  • 22:15 What Lee wish he knew at the start
  • 26:35 Program development
  • 30:10 Recruiting trainers
  • 40:35 Working on a budget
  • 44:00 How people can connect and help
  • 45:35 Lee as Commissioner of FIFA


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