Podcast: Nicole Fisher and Kara Williams, Brain Treatment Foundation

Join this week’s Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Nicole Fisher and Kara Williams, Co-Founders of the Brain Treatment Foundation sit down with our host Roy Kessel, to discuss the important work they do by helping military veterans recover from the devastating impact of traumatic brain injuries.

Listen as they explore the issues of:

  • Launching the Brain Treatment Foundation
  • Services provided to the veterans
  • Identification of service providers
  • Cost of providing the services
  • Testimonials from veterans and their families
  • Struggles faced by veterans with traumatic brain injuries

Start – 0:40 – How Kara and Nicole put the Organization together

1:35 – Examples of the types of Brain injuries and what services they have to offer

5:25 – Initial intake procedure

9:50 – How to deal with people who have a brain injury and explain to them what happened

13:00 – Highlights of why Nicole and Kara do what they do

15:05 – How the foundation works with their patients that they come across

17:15 – Service Provider duties

23:30 – Dealing with different scenarios that have been thrown at them

26:55 – Background on how they raise money and expenses of this type of work

32:20 – Maintaining connections with the people that they work with

35:05 – 24/7 helpline for people with brain injuries

37:00 – Best way to get information from Nicole and Kara

Nicole Fisher and Kara Williams, Co-Founders, Brain Treatment Foundation

For more information about the Brain Treatment Foundation, visit their website at www.BrainTreatmentFoundation.com

Roy Kessel

Roy Kessel

Roy Kessel is the Founder of the Sports Philanthropy Network. Roy has worked in the sports business world for over 20 years including serving as an instructor in Northwestern University's graduate Sports Management Program. Having served as a sports lawyer representing athletes, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, Roy has extensive experience helping organizations improve their strategy, marketing, communications and leadership development.
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